What was your favorite WWDC announcement?

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  • Rain - 9 months ago

    I was most excited to hear about swiping on the keyboard.

  • Saj - 9 months ago

    My favourite part was Home - Kit Router. I never had any interest in Home - Kit, now I am taking it seriously

  • Martin Perry - 9 months ago

    Multi-user HomePod support and multi-user AppleTV will finally stop me going insane that my Apple Music recommendations are filled with MineCraft tunes and JoJo Siwa!! Happy parent! Haha

  • Dave - 10 months ago

    Marzipan / Catalyst

  • Ivan K. - 10 months ago

    It only makes sense since iPadOS is #1 excitement announcement (also voted for it) since it pretty much includes all iOS 13 features anyway (love all the additions and long time wished setting in regards of using multiple languages on the device / in apps).

    p.s. Ryan Joshua Astudillo - I am sure you and many of us will be happy once Apple includes a future mentioning harm of excessive exposure for electromagnetic radiation, such as wireless wearables (especially earphones) and using smartphones with all of the wireless modules always ON (like bluetooth and wifi)... Ohh, wait...????

  • Wesley - 10 months ago

    Monitor stand.

  • Curly Micheal - 10 months ago

    How about real game controllers for iPhone/iPad/AppleTV?
    That one hit me right between the “I”s! ;P

  • Christoffer Alexandersson - 10 months ago

    HomeKit improvements, fooo sure.

  • Rusty - 10 months ago

    iCloud folder sharing ... finally

  • Nate Smith - 10 months ago

    My vote goes to Voice Control

  • Mac Fan Boy - 10 months ago

    That beautifully crafted display stand

  • Vicky - 10 months ago

    Apple TV supporting Xbox and PlayStation controller is huge ! Even for the whole gaming industry
    As I have been playing my games through steam link to Apple TV
    I’m gonna buy the Mac Pro just for gaming anyway !!

  • Luke - 10 months ago

    HomeKit Updates

  • Mac Guy - 10 months ago

    $1,000 aluminum monitor stand! YES!

  • Simon Kärrman - 10 months ago

    It looks very interesting to use

  • Erik Hermesman - 10 months ago

    SiriKit Media Intents and other Siri features, plus improvements to the Shortcuts app.

  • HJ - 10 months ago

    Mouse support on iPadOS is fantastic! I've been using my iPad Pro with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard while hooked up to a 48" monitor and I am finally able to use my iPad at a deskt like my Mac.
    This is game changing!

  • Ryan Joshua Astudillo - 10 months ago

    iOS 13 is cool but I personally like the new watch hearing health more than dark mode

  • Ryan Joshua Astudillo - 10 months ago

    iOS 13 is cool but I personally like the new watch hearing health more than dark mode

  • Mishe - 10 months ago

    Pro Display stand

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