Do you believe Lena Waithe?

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  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 4 months ago

    As to the poll, I don't think Lena so much "lied" as I think she left out some details in an attempt to save her own ass. I think it's weird that everyone is blaming Lena, or the showrunner, or HR. Everyone BUT the nigga who assaulted all these people. When Lena started talkin about all the changes she made, it pissed me off to hear her talk about how she did everything but remove the fox from the chicken coop! And why was anyone tasked to do ANYthing about HIS fucked up behavior in the first goddamn place?!? He was able to lay low for the longest time. Why the fuck was removing the predator the last goddamn option? Why was HE more important than these women, or even the productions he jeopardized, or the bad reputations for keeping this shit quiet?? It's really telling. Just wow.

  • Iman - 5 months ago

    Both are horrible scenarios in my opinion. If she is telling the truth, then she lied and made folks think she had the power to do something about it when she could have been honest in the first place. And if the answer is “No” then man, so much to unpack there.

  • Monique - 5 months ago

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Welcome byke!!!!Queen and Jay discussed her call in on the Breakfast club on their podcast. I trust their assessment of the interview and didn’t feel like I needed to listen to it at all because it sounded exhausting weak and incompetent of Lena as a showrunner. This is a textbook definition of ‘the fish rotting from the head.’ I’m watching the second season now and every time I am impressed by the character of Brandon, I remember not to even care too much since Jason won’t be around. What an awful situation. My main focus is also on what Tiffany Boone has gone through. The harassment she has faced and the stain on her reputation is lost in this ‘Lena/Jason/Who’s Fault Is It Anyway’ fukkery. Tiffany should have been protected and looked out for.

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