Do you plan on cycling to work on Bike Day, June 21? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    3 votes

  • No
    51 votes

  • I would if I felt safer
    10 votes


Posted 1 month.


  • B - 6 weeks ago

    Bike Day is actually June 21st

  • John Myles - 6 weeks ago

    The last two options actually sum up why people don't cycle. The roads are so unsafe (a) because of the condition of the roads and (b) either a poor level of driving ability by motorists or they just see cyclists as a nuisance and should be driven of the road. We like to think of PEI as the gentle island, if you are on a bicycle it is anything but. I see stickers on vehicles saying look twice for motorcycles well look thrice for bicycles.

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