The (latest) tariff battle is over. Who won?

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  • Antonio Martinez - 4 months ago

    Thank God for Trump! He is restoring law and order and doing what is in the best interest of his country and citizens. I hope someday Mexico has a president that actually does that.

  • Joe Whitmore - 4 months ago

    Stupid question.

  • George - 4 months ago

    Well, the American farmers going bankrupt, taxpayers in general and retirees on pensions certainly haven't won. Countries don't pay tariffs, U.S. importers do and just pass the costs along to the U.S. consumer. Farmers, already faced with both floods and subsequent droughts, can't plant on schedule, have uncertain demand for their products and postpone buying needed new farm equipment from manufactures, creating uncertainty and risks to employment.

    This retiree depends on non-employment sources of retirement income. The value of my IRA has been hit and my personal investments still have a way to go before they catch-up to where they were in October, when Trump, the self-proclaimed "King of Debt", began launching his tariff tirade against the advice of his economic advisors and other learned financial authorities across the United States.

    There are other ways proposed to address the nation's sovereignty, trade issues, etc.. Trump doesn't care. He recently said -- on camera -- that he has "absolute power "as president. He just said -- on camera -- he would take dirt about an opponent from any foreign power if it would help him get re-elected. And he would "think" about "maybe" notifying the FBI of the contact after hearing what they had to tell him for his benefit. When reminded that the director of the FBI testified under oath in the Congress that such notification is required under the Constitution and statutory law, Trump responded with a strong "HE'S WRONG."

    Trump still has the full support of his base. Kinda reminds me of what I know of Hitler's rise to absolute power in Germany in the 1930s when too many "good people" who WEREN'T neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and David Duke and the KKK, went along with him anyway. And the Republicans in Congress are standing mute in fear of losing their jobs.

  • Bob - 4 months ago

    It's really swell when you can just give up the sovereignty of America, while building a wall round your living compound.
    To say that the "issue that didn't really exist" ignores reality like over-crowded schools, hospitals (have you noticed much longer time to get an appointment with your DR's), lack of jobs for the untrained, uneducated, leaving them the only course to survive which is to commit crimes to exist. Oh, but why don't we just give them a guaranteed income? Fine, YOU give up your money FIRST.

  • Len Stewart - 4 months ago

    It was all just another episode in the reality show Celebrity President. Trump pretended he was going to do something apocalyptic to address an issue that didn't really exist unless Mexico agreed to do something it had already agreed to do that won't have any real impact anyway. It was just another giant charade ginned up for tweet fodder.

  • Monte Hensley - 5 months ago

    If Trump is involved you can bet the only winner will be Trump.

  • Maria - 5 months ago

    The whole mess doesn’t deserve a comment .Trump is a joke and everything he does He thinks it’s a game of jokes

  • Ron .Minter - 5 months ago

    Amer I Can people end up paying

  • Ron .Minter - 5 months ago

    Amer I Can people end up paying

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