Dropping the GMC Sierra MultiPro tailgate's mid-gate will hit a ball hitch. This is…

  • Kenneth Pugh - 10 months ago

    We should have the convenience of leaving the trailer hitch installed at all times if we choose with out being concerned about damaging our beautiful truck. In addition, it is a deterrent to tailgaters.

  • John - 1 year ago

    It needs to be CLEARLY explained to the purchaser regardless of how many vehicles you’ve purchased from a dealership or salesman. My salesman watched me swap my hitch over and install it from my previous truck. I believe if he’d known it would be an issue - he’s have said something. They should all know and should say something to EVERY purchaser.

    I had no idea it would hit and it took me all of two minutes showing the new truck and tailgate off to my family. Moment (and :45-minute into owning tailgate) ruined.

  • Monty - 2 years ago

    A trailer hitch should only be installed when towing a trailer. It should not be left in the receiver when there is no trailer is attached. I don't see an issue.

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