Do you think Guam should recruit a doctor who can perform abortions? (Poll Closed)

  • No
    5,355 votes

  • Yes
    1,374 votes


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  • Anonymous - 7 months ago

    This poll is so disappointing, we should believe in women’s rights to good effective health care and give her the choice to do what she wants with her body! I’m not saying that I want EVERYONE To get an abortion but I believe they deserve the choice. What if a mother of 4 got pregnant, but following through with the pregnancy would kill her, you want her to die and leave her children with no mother? The people who voted “NO” voted for oppression.

  • Alyssa Blas - 7 months ago

    I’m catholic but I believe every woman deserves a choice.

  • Anonymous - 7 months ago

    Everyone that brings up religion should have a mute point. I understand that majority of the island is Catholic or Christian, however these are people livelihoods. We still have people brutally hating on gay marriage or LGBTQ rights and there should be a readily available access to a procedure that should be performed properly to avoid any further complications. People will have sex and we don’t even provide proper education of performing such actions and people wonder why teenagers are getting pregnant so early. It’s cause parents are not more strict but we are not properly educating our youth and to keep our youth from not knowing about these things defer them.

  • Anonymous - 7 months ago

    If we are not the masters of denying life, we should also throw out the death penalty.

  • Ecclesiastes 8:5—9:10 - 7 months ago

    Yet it is a great affliction for man that he is IGNORANT of what is to come; for who will make known to him how it will be? There is NO man who is MASTER of the breath of life so as to retain it, and none has mastery of the day of death. There is no exemption from the struggle, nor are the wicked saved by their wickedness.

  • Jeanette saures - 7 months ago

    My answer is NO to abortion!! abortion is a sin!!!

  • Anonymous - 7 months ago

    YES. Guam SHOULD recruit an abortionist and they don’t have to perform abortions UNLESS ITS THE WOMANS CHOICE. You guys are talking about being pro life and all and mentioning God and stuff but you guys are not recognizing that God Is in no part of this. The woman is not a murderer. The doctor is not a murderer. The woman OR EVEN LITTLE GIRL should have the choice to have an abortion especially if they were raped. You guys also mention that God would be disappointed in those women/girls for aborting the child that they did not choose to have in the world but wouldn’t God be disappointed of the rapist that raped those women? Rapists that raped those little girls? Family members who molested and eventually had sex with those girls? PLUS, it shouldn’t be YOUR PROBLEM IF A WOMAN OR IF A GIRL DECIDES TO HAVE AN ABORTION. ITS NOT YOUR BEBE. ITS NOT YOUR VAGINA. ITS NOT YOUR UTERUS!!! Imagine if YOU are a child of a rapist and you didn’t even know about it until you’re a grown up. Imagine how you’ll feel. Are you a sacred from God now or are you a child of a rapist? Lmao y’all stupid af. NOT UR BEBE, NOT YOUR PROBLEM. YES GUAM SHOULD RECRUIT AN ABORTIONIST.

  • Brian Anthony McGill - 7 months ago


  • Carlotta Leon guerrero - 7 months ago


  • Rokémash - 7 months ago

    I will say this based on facts. Not petty beliefs that can never be proven. Each year, countless women are impregnated whether planned, unplanned, or against their will. A significant number of them do not have the proper means to take care of a child. The children may grow up in an unhealthy household due to lack of proper means of care. Other children are given up for adoption where they may be abused or neglected. All women should have the right and opportunity to an abortion. No one has the right to govern that aspect of their lives, especially if they aren't a part of it. People claim abortion to be evil. No. Condemning several lives to potential suffering is evil. Taking away a woman's potential is evil. Taking away the free will you say we all have is evil.

  • Steve - 7 months ago

    My vote is NO.

  • Joy - 7 months ago

    Well, it seems to me that Guam has spoken! Hopefully our governor will not do what she says she is planning to do in recruiting an abortionist to come to Guam. I will not dignify them by calling them doctors, because reputable doctors will not break the Hippocratic oath and do harm to a living human being. Even though they’re not required to take that oath, most of them still do within themselves. They love people, and don’t want to kill innocent human beings, shedding innocent blood! A baby’s right to life greatly outweighs a woman’s right to choose. It’s not just her own body.

  • Luke - 7 months ago


  • Jeanie Perez - 7 months ago

    No to abortion. There are 6 things that God hates, 7 that are detestable and one of these is “hands that shed innocent blood.” These are strong words out of God’s mouth. Proverbs 6. Read it and heed God’s warning. What part of this do we not understand? Abortion is when a baby gets the death penalty for someone else’s action’s. There are other options and according to the Lord, abortion is not one of them.

  • Tony Quan - 7 months ago

    Absolutely a pro-lifer!

  • Carm - 7 months ago


  • Angelica’s A. Pereira - 7 months ago


  • Marie - 7 months ago

    No abortion should never be performed at all. No, No, Noooo Guam does not need a Doctor to kill our babies.

  • Marie - 7 months ago

    No abortion should never be performed at all. No, No, Noooo Guam does not need a Doctor to kill our babies.

  • Marie - 7 months ago

    No abortion should never be performed at all. No, No, Noooo Guam does not need a Doctor to kill our babies.

  • Marie - 7 months ago

    No abortion should never be performed at all. No, No, Noooo Guam does not need a Doctor to kill our babies.

  • Marie - 7 months ago

    No abortion should never be performed at all. No, No, Noooo Guam does not need a Doctor to kill our babies.

  • Maryvivian T. Rodriguez - 7 months ago

    I am a catholic and I've always believe that having an abortion is wrong. The mother should carry this baby from Concepcion to its natural life. God is Good and God is Great. If it not for him we would not have life of our own. The Devil is the one poisoning the mind of people. It is so pitiful it makes me cry everytime I see in the news paper about babies loosing their lives because the mother thinks it is a burden. Women who does this to kill an ijnnocent baby and to destroy what God created for these mothers to carry out, through their pregnancy it's oitrageous. In a world we live in today. There is no mercy anymore. People just want to do what ever they like anymore without following God's Commandments anymore. God Help the Innocent minds of these people and have Mercy on their Souls we pray Amen!

  • Clare - 7 months ago

    An absolute NO!!!!!!!

  • Clare - 7 months ago

    An absolute NO!!!!!!!

  • Kat - 7 months ago

    The Sixth Commandment:
    I’M OUT✅

  • God - 7 months ago

    Yes, I don’t exist. You all have free will so women should have the choice to choose. Also religion has no place in healthcare nor politics

  • Marun - 7 months ago

    God took all our sins to the cross to enjoy the life we have today, and we can't continue to sin by supporting abortion. Abortion is No lesser than killing.

  • Cecil - 7 months ago


  • Renee - 7 months ago


  • John Borja - 7 months ago

    Look kids it’s simple, aside from rape or where the child or mother may be put at risk for death, there really is no reason to abort a child simply because you “choose”’to not have a child. If you’re so hung up on choice, then why not choose to use a condom, go on the pill, or simply choose to keep your legs closed?

  • Amado G Lipar Jr - 7 months ago

    We need Doctors who save lives not to terminate human being A fetus itself is a hjman being alrdy let us oppose ghese move unilateraly

  • Rose - 7 months ago

    Governor who do you believe in? Our loving God who created life or the destructive satan who wants to take and destroy life. We the people voted a governor (former nurse) who loves life and wants to help preserve life.

  • SQ - 7 months ago

    Life is a blessing and should not be taken away. If you have the thought of aborting an infant you have no love for yourself and for others. God has given us life and we need to cherish it until the day he decides to lay us to rest. If you do not wish to have a child you should not perform the actions it requires to do so. Love yourself, Love Others and be PRO-LIFE!

  • Cesar - 7 months ago

    For God’s sake No!
    Only God can take someone’s life.

  • John Last - 7 months ago


  • John Last - 7 months ago


  • Richard - 7 months ago

    We need doctors that save lives not abort lives.

  • Cynthia - 7 months ago


  • Diana - 7 months ago

    We need more specialist to help us deal with our life time medical issues that so many have to fly off island in order to survive. Not one to terminate.

  • Louie Gombar - 7 months ago

    Why do they insist on calling it "Doctor of ABORTION". shouldn't it be Killer of Babies or Expert on the Brutality of the Fetus.

  • Virgie Stadler - 7 months ago

    A definite NO for me. There is a reward and a consequence for everything that we do. Sex is not free. There is a price to pay. And if gifted with a life, no one has the right to take it away willfully except the giver, who is God. Let’s focus our resources on the things that we need. Right now, we need more cardiologists. GMH should hire more Cardiac Hospitalists, full time. Thanks.

  • Alex - 7 months ago

    A Fetus is not a disease. It’s human life. If destroying a turtles egg is a crime, then what about a fetus? Why is that so hard to understand?

  • Johnny Cruz - 7 months ago


  • Josephine Artero McKeever - 7 months ago


  • Virgie Stadler - 7 months ago

    NO! It is a sin, it’s criminal! We need more cardiologists, neurologists and other specialists who could help us lead to healing and more productive lives.

  • Jonny Stadler - 7 months ago

    No! Not a hit man!

  • Leena VGomez - 7 months ago

    I stand against this. Every life matters, even if it was conceived by a mistake or another unknown matter. Please do not allow this back on our island.
    It might be our body, but another life does not deserve to be murdered because of our choices. ABORTION IS MURDER!

  • Dr. James Stadler - 7 months ago

    A definite NO!

  • Abe Ortion - 7 months ago

    Keep your roasaries off of my ovaries! Choice is about who gets to make the decision. The question of whether and when we bring a new life into the world is, to my mind, one of the most important decisions a person can make. It is too big a decision for us to make for each other, especially for perfect strangers.

  • Nina - 7 months ago

    No, abortion is a sin. Think about the child’s perspective. Studies show regret and guilt from mothers as they mature. If Guam recruits a doctor to perform abortions, there will be problems in the future.

  • Maria Mafnas - 7 months ago

    Definitely "No"!

  • malou mendiola - 7 months ago

    NO, it is a SIN against GOD and True Human Beings. I Declare on heaven and Earth All Babies is welcome on the Island of Guam. I blessed all babies. In The Name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen!

  • Gladys P Cruz - 7 months ago

    Watching those babies whose lives being terminated are heart
    Wrenching! ???????? They feel all the pain! ???? How can you sleep
    At night? ????. God will deal with you when it is time. Remember
    “Thou shall Not Kill”. ( those babies are our future)

  • Kathy - 7 months ago

    We need more specialized doctors like pediatric kidney specialist, more cardiologist in different areas so our people don't need to go off island and more medical procedurez to safe lives can be done here.

  • Eugene Santos - 7 months ago

    Absolutely no. There’s more important issues to deal with other than recruiting a murderer or a hit man to kill off unborn children.

  • Eugene Santos - 7 months ago

    Absolutely not. There are more pressing issues to deal with than recruiting aa murderer or a hot man to kill unborn children.

  • David C. - 7 months ago

    We have a governor that prioritizes recruiting an abortion specialist over a chief medical examiner. A administration where the governor or lt governor have been taking non stop trips since they swore in, versus focusing on issues that are critical for the people. That have signed more proclamations to celebrate weeks and months versus executive orders to fix the government. I was in, but in just six months, Forget the poll, where is the recall petition?

  • Anna Maria D. - 7 months ago

    Edit: Doctors are supposed to heal not kill.

  • Anna Maria D. - 7 months ago

    Doctors are supposed to heal not heal. They should do everything they can to save both the mother and the baby. Let’s stop trying to be like the US mainland in everything we believe and do. Guam is an island that celebrates family and each individual is important. When I moved back here from Seattle, Washington, I was so happy to be back in a place which treasures children and the birth of children. How disappointed I was to know that I was wrong. Let’s get back to what we were before all these different political agendas came to the front of every discussion. God help us please.

  • Reimy Oneitam - 7 months ago


  • Margaret Baza - 7 months ago

    No abortion . Babies should be given life to live on this earth. They are sacred blessings from God.

  • Chilang C. A. Perez - 7 months ago

    I ask everyone who loves life to pray, pray, and pray harder. Let this be our primary goal —to raise up and consecrate our hearts and souls and those of our families to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This battle against Satan is far bigger than our efforts put together here on earth. Pray the Rosary everyday and offer all Our Masses collectively up for the protection of the inborn and the elderly. MAY OUR GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF US, HIS CREATURES!!!✝️????✝️????

  • Antonia R. Gumataotao - 7 months ago

    Every life is a sacred gift from God.

  • MARCIA Diego - 7 months ago


  • Jose - 7 months ago

    Ironically, those who have vote yes to abortion were allowed to be born.

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