What do you think of our view on reverse mortgages?
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  • A. Corabelle Smith - 2 years ago

    You are so right. Four years ago I took out one for $15,000.00. My house was paid off before I did this. I actually thought I could easily pay off that small amount. However, I began truly reading the balance due and the interest rates. I saw that I now owe $75,000.00! This is usury. I called and asked for a plain statement of monies received and received pages of goobly-gook. I taught high school English and have degrees in English. So I'm not the average homeowner. I was simply a grieving widow at the time I requested a small loan. Worse yet, before I ever received a cent, there were fees that totaled $5,000.00 +. I wish I had read your article before my foolish action. I do plan to speak to Congress and my state governor about this rip-off. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. If you know a lawyer who can get me out of this theft, please email ASAP.

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