Are You Going to BronyCon?

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  • SunnBlam - 4 months ago

    I really do wish I could. Never did get to go to one.

  • Vile Scavenger - 4 months ago


  • Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster - 4 months ago

    I don't see the point of conventions, they just seem a bit excessive.

  • Pony abstract - 4 months ago

    It is always been my dream to go to BronyCon since this is the last one I am making it happen no matter what I don't want to have to look back on it and regret not going so I'm glad that I am

  • Anonymous - 5 months ago

    Why so many saying no? If it has to be like the old glory days, then this is really the convention to attend.

  • The Pony With No Name - 5 months ago

    Unable to afford the travel needs to make it to BronyCon...

  • Swashbucklist - 5 months ago

    Never been to any con, never will. Seems like it would be a waste of time and cash.

  • Mares Fillies - 5 months ago

    I’ll be duck out in my Waifu Twilight Sparkle with a sign that says IWTCITS. For those that don’t know it’s “I want to cum inside Twilight Sparkle” :3

  • El Laucha - 5 months ago

    I'm from another country (Argentina). Its almost impossible for me to go there, mostly because my lack of money and resources. The most saddest thing is that I really want to go to this last Bronycon.

  • not anon - 5 months ago


    not all of us live in murica

  • Bryce Kanyon - 5 months ago

    It's not that I wouldn't want to go, I just don't have the financial means to book a flight or to get there. If that pretty much makes me a 'casual' fan than so be it... That won't stop me from supporting the series as a whole. Least there are tons of other Cons I 'can' go to that are relatively close to where I live, even if most of them aren't 'brony' related. But if you look around, you'll see a few of them in attendance when they decide to do so.

  • Saga3Tale - 5 months ago

    Unfortunately, due to lack of funds and limited PTO my husband and I can only attend one and I'm very loyal to Trotcon

  • cartoonz - 5 months ago

    why there a lot of no XD

  • Hearty Bulb - 5 months ago

    BronyCon is too far from Europe and a plane ticket to USA is too expensive. But I will go to a different MLP con here in Europe.

  • Inurantchan - 5 months ago

    Yes! Super excited. Been going since nearly the beginning with my dad (accidentally missed the first one lol), and we'll be continuing the tradition this year with my mother who've we've told stories about the con for years later lol. I was a kid when I started's gonna be crazy to see it end as an adult..Bittersweet for sure, but I know it'll be fun.

  • Rari - 5 months ago

    There will probably be a lot of people there and the hotel and Con will probably be expensive, so no. Even though the other people are fans of MLP, it's still social interaction.

  • Imaginer - 5 months ago

    I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

  • Anonymous - 5 months ago

    Only the true bronies will be going to the last bronycon
    if you arent there you are a casual

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