ALONE Survival Gear: Tools


  • gary gray - 4 years ago

    balisong sed: "duct tape"
    The most retarded thing I have read today. Get a clue.

  • balisong - 4 years ago

    If you can't reliably make fire without a ferrorod, you dont belong on this show at all. A modified Crunch multitool is worth far more than any belt knife. A Cold steel shovel, modified to have the handle be removable and replaced without tools and with an 8" saw edge, is worth more than the axe and saw combined, saving you one pick. You can straightedn one hook, file off the barb and have a sewing needle, so the sewing kit is a wasted pick. They GIVE you a head lamp, so wth would you take a flashlight? Two of the Crunch blades can be files, one shaped to fit the saw teeth on the shovel, and the Crunch can be modified to be taken apart and reassembled by hand, so the other file blade can be used to sharpen the (replacement) carbon steel knife blade on the Crunch. However, plenty of rocks can be found which can be used to sharpen a knife. So the sharpening stone is a wasted pick.

  • balisong - 4 years ago

    if you dont take the duct tape, you dont know the score, obviously. Since you'll not be moving around much, if at all and you've got plenty of materials and time to make a net bag full of debris and a raised wooden bed, the sleeping bag is a wasted pick. So take the duct tape instead. It can do a lot for you. Making pontoons for your outrigger raft, helping start fires, making waterproof containers, repairing clothing and gear. Take the biggest roll of it that you can find.

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