What percentage of Sugar Grits eaters voted for Trump?

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  • Iman - 5 months ago

    Person who loves the correct way to eat grits here. I’ve tried sugar grits, I’m not even going to say it was nasty. All I’m saying is. . .it wasn’t right. There are too many hot cereals out here that are meant to be eaten sweet. No one puts salt in oatmeal, or pepper and cheese in cream of wheat. So why are folks so hard pressed to try to make sugar grits a thing? Stop it! Our ancestors didn’t die for y’all to disrespect grits like this. I bet the ancestors don’t even speak to y’all sugar grits eaters. Now all your food is under-seasoned. Humph

  • Alicia - 5 months ago

    You forgot to add None as a selection Rod!

    Why are you hatin on the Sugar Grits eaters???? Don't knock it to you try it Rod. Ain't nothing like a salmon pattie with grits, and syrup all over both, mmmmm.

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