For those treated by a hospital (inpatient or ED) within three years: did your PCP have your hospital records at your next visit? (Poll Closed)
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  • flyonthewall - 1 year ago

    I have found a PCP using EPIC. All regional hospitals uses EPIC as well, as well as many others through out the state , not to mention the US and over seas. I'm good now. Security in knowing your health details are safe from ransomware, low budget IT infrastructure. etc.

  • Proficient Patient - 1 year ago

    My PCP had all the info because Care Everywhere is far from a joke.

    @Brian Darcy - You seemed to get a bit turned around your reply. The point of this survey is to talk about clinician-clinician exchange (Care Everywhere for Epic-using groups), which you admit worked to get your PCP what they needed. Your issues using patient portals (MyChart) are another matter entirely...and I suspect you might be happier if you clicked one of those 'ask for help' links on the portals. I'm sure they could help you figure out how to link your MyCharts together, as I did years ago.

  • Brian Darcy - 1 year ago

    My PCP's office is using EPIC. They're part of Atirus Health. Which consists of Granite Medical and Harvard Van Guard. They refer patients to South Shore Hospital. All are using EPIC. EPIC's' care everywhere is a joke. I have to sign onto 3 different portals to get my information. In addition I had a hearing test done at Harvard Van Guard and I can't find the results anywhere.

    My PCP's response is I can see your information but you can't. Can I get your thoughts.

  • Peggy - 1 year ago

    Data provided included all labs, xrays, procedure details and physician notes, including specialist notes It was impressive.

  • Monica E Little - 1 year ago

    In addition, the notes (but not Xrays) went to a specialist within 3 weeks.

  • David - 1 year ago

    I was pleasantly surprised... the hospital closest to me (Winchester, owned by Lahey) has an agreement with MGH (Partners) to share records. 3 days after a Winchester ER discharge, I needed more pain killers for a fall that caused excruciating pain in my back, and went to my PCP. My MGH PCP had the CT Scans, interpretations, and added his own commentary. and prescribed the drugs. Too bad I haven't seen any telemedicine (not even phone calls with my doc), but have seen a tendency to over-order (much of it I ignore given my $3,000 deductible) from Partners.

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