What 30 figures best represent the history of the Age of Revolution (1775-1848)?


  • Simon - 5 years ago

    A couple candidates:
    Edward Despard
    Benjamin Rush

  • Paul Fitzgerald - 5 years ago

    Surprised not to see Adam Smith, given that Wealth of Nations (1776) is just inside time period, and it's influence continued throughout. I'm particularly interested in him as a misrepresented figure.

    Immanuel Kant as well?

    John Stuart Mill?

    Is it intentional that there aren't very many scientific figures? Science seems so tied in with a new rational view of the world that it's innately revolutionary?

  • Björn Havsöga - 5 years ago

    Marquis de Lafayette! One of the few to participate in more than one revolution in this era.

  • Marquis de Lafayette - 5 years ago

    Everyone's "favorite fighting frenchman", as Hamilton put it, should be on this list! Is there anyone who participated in more revolutions?

  • Tom B - 5 years ago

    How could you have left off the Marquis de Lafayette???!!!!

  • Marie Nedregotten Sørbø - 5 years ago

    Not least for her educational impact.

  • Fiona AUSTIN - 5 years ago

    Superb fore runner of modernity, a thinking & active woman

  • Jo Edwards - 5 years ago

    On Hannah More, if she gets any more votes, I will happily volunteer any of my time to help. I have a working group of the foremost scholars working on Hannah More internationally who will help collaborate.

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