Who should be Peter's mother?


  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    Alex and it’s just a planted memory for Anna

  • Anjie - 5 years ago

    Anna Of course!!

  • Missy, - 5 years ago


  • Missy, - 5 years ago


  • Lisa Wiles - 5 years ago

    Pam, when Anna started looking for her child. She said, she was a new agent and the only woman. She seduced Fasion for information. She realized she was with child and gave the baby away without finding out if she had a boy or girl. Valentine told her it was a girl. She searched and found the nurse that helped her deliver the baby. It was Anna that had Peter. Valentine was following her everywhere. He and Fasion both in love with Anna.

  • Pam - 5 years ago

    Since I'm an old fan, watching since day 1, I dont want the writers to mess or change history. Having Anna be Peter/Heinrich mother would. Faison, although despicable, did at one time, he has never taken Anna against her will cuz hes infatuated and truely loves her. He only wanted her of her own free will. Which was NEVER!! BUT Alex trying to steal her sisters life, would have slept with Faison as call girl, got preggos, have and hide baby, and since Valentin was on revenge against who he thought was Anna, he gave Peter to Faison, for brownie points and revenge. Quit messing with history. Please!! We pride ourselves knowing soap history. Lol

  • Missy, - 5 years ago


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