Do you love this new, dark Adam?


  • Fran - 5 years ago

    I wanted the character of Adam to come back so much but I hate the way he is being portrayed, did we forget that before he died and was with Chelsea he changed his personality and was trying to be a good person I love Adam and him and Chelsea should be a family again

  • Mae - 5 years ago

    I agree with the last comment. We needed this Adam to liven things up . Great acting . Adam was always suppose to be the dark horse child . Justin was great but it was hard to see him as the troubled villianous one. Mark made the evil Adam believable , interesting and hateful . Like Victor ,as soon as you figure you can't stand him another minute , the writers have you change your mind . Just love these soaps .

  • Sandie - 5 years ago

    I love a bad boy but they didn't took this real dark with this new Adam it's bad enough we have a new Adam and not the old beautiful Adam but now he's worse than ever I hate him. Damn why don't you try to soften it a little bit and let him have a change of heart or taking Christian away from Nick the new Adam the storyline the darkness the evil or suck!!!I

  • Victor Martin Ranieri - 5 years ago

    Mark Grossman's character as Adam is exactly what the plot line needs to heighten the drama. He executes the role very well and has brought new depth to the villainous character that he portrays. I thoroughly enjoy his acting and portrayal of Adam Newmann.

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