Do you use silence as revenge?

  • ROCC STAR - 2 years ago

    Hey Rod & Karen. Great episode as usual. I voted no, because I don't use silence as a revenge. But if I cut you off, I will not have anything to say to you. I have a cousin, that disrespects her mother, my grand mother, her own children and her dog. She's been doing the same thing for years, just making life for my aunt unbearable. My aunt is a sweet lady, who should be in the process of retiring, but she can't, since she has to help raise 4 kids that aren't hers. I tried to talk to my cousin several times, to no avail. The last time I tried to talk to her (that was before baby 3 &4), she hit me with the Heisman pose. Man, I was HOT! I wrote a 10 page single spaced letter, letting her know how disturbed and disgusted I was with her behavior, and reiterated to her, she wasn't raised this way. The only reason I stopped at 10, was because I got tired of writing. I was going to give it to her, since she didn't want to talk, but my wife (girlfriend at the time) said no one is going to read 10 pages of being dragged. If it were me, I would've read it, just to see what was so important that 10 pages were needed. From that point on, I figured she wasn't going to change for the sake of her own family, so I dropped her like a bad habit. I have no words for her, since I don't have anything nice to say to her. I can only say so much, when it comes to how she treats my aunt, little cousins and her dog. But she knows, when it comes to my grandmother, we all have the same claim to her, therefore, my sister, brother, father, mother and I will get in her ass. Its been 3 years, and I won't look her way. She was hot when our family went on a cruise for my grandmothers 80th birthday, and everybody ages 15 -40 was in my suite partying it up each night playing uno, bones and spades, and she wasn't invited along. Even her brother would leave her when it was time to party. She now has 4 kids, doing the same thing. I have nothing to say to her until she changes her ways, and stops being a burden on my aunt. Keep up the great work, you guys!

  • Iman - 2 years ago

    In our first year of marriage, this was definitely my tactic. And 11 years in I still have to fight with myself not to do that with my husband and daughter. I have depression and anxiety, and through the years I was doing really well not going silent on people. This year was difficult and I started doing it again, but I shocked myself when I started doing it to my daughter as well. So talking about it in therapy has been a big help. I do believe in some circumstances, with certain types of people silence can be the best answer. But not with people you actually care about. Or in relationships you actually want to salvage. I guess you just have to ask yourself if your silence is coming from a healthy place or not.

  • Michelle - 2 years ago

    Yes. I'm petty.

  • Allegra - 2 years ago

    Since I’m a natural problem-solver, when I am forced to silence, it is because all other attempts for solution have been exhausted. Grown is gonna “grown” so there is only so much I can do to get resolution.

  • Peaches749 - 2 years ago

    I use silence more for protection than as revenge. Although, I have gotten joy out of totally cutting a person out of my life, specifically a person who meant me harm. Manipulative people who try to use and abuse me I will absolutely cut them out of my life with out remorse or regret. It took a long time to get to this point. Yes you have to draw and enforce your boundaries. Life has taught me. Karen is reading my heart right now! Yes. Caring can really suck. So you have to find a balance. lmao hahaha as I type something Karen says it right in my ear! LMAO I Love you guys. TTYL

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