Do you support the federal government’s decision to approve the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion?

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  • Darryl - 7 months ago

    Lyle you clearly don’t know much about oil or the energy sector. Repeating incorrect info does not make it true.

  • Cindy - 7 months ago

    Dan, how do you explain this;
    Janice Antoine, a resident of the Coldwater reserve in B.C., wants to know when contamination from the pipeline discovered on her property five years ago will be cleaned up.
    CBC has obtained records from Trans Mountain and found there are seven known contamination sites along the route of the existing pipeline in B.C. and Alberta. According to Trans Mountain, five of the sites are under active remediation and two have remediation action plans under review with the NEB.

  • Simon - 7 months ago

    There is no "climate emergency".
    Climate change is a political movement that is un-supported by science.

    The news coverage goes way too far and distorts what is actually going on. It's been warmer than today several times in the last 10 thousand years. CO2 doesn't control climate. And if things are going wrong we should investigate the real causes.And why should we Canadians beat everyone else in a race to the bottom by closing down our economy?

    Let's put Alberta and Saskatchewan back to work!

  • Lyla - 7 months ago

    Canada's tar sands product is the dirtiest in the world, not the "cleanest". It sells for at least $15 less than all other oil because it's so dirty. Full of sulfur. This pipeline won't have any impact on imports from Saudi Arabia. This pipeline is to ship dilbit to the Orient. Much of the Tar Sands project is owned by China, Japan and the US. Pretending this product and pipeline will reduce imports is bogus. Shipping out oil to keep from having to import oil is demented math.

  • Dan - 7 months ago

    This pipeline needs to go through to save the world... the cleanest energy inn the world is produced in Canada... enviromenralists hoping to keep Canadian energy in the ground are bound and determined to destroy the world through their cluelessnesss.... the most environmentally friendly ecologically safe energy comes from Canada... yet these dimwits want to keep it inn the ground and buy from places that have no environmental laws and the only care other countries have, is get the oil to market anyplace inn the world at any cost .....canada needs to support the most environmentally friendly oil on the planet

  • Barbara Ray - 7 months ago

    OMG, we are in the midst of a climate emergency, at least partially the responsibilty of the Petroleum industry, and the stakes are higher than they have ever been. Rising sea levels, melting fresh water glaciers, lower water levels earlier in most water sheds, failing fish and game stocks

  • Buck Rogers - 7 months ago

    Keith Organ put your tin foil hat on buddy

  • Wayne Gubersky - 7 months ago

    With my yes vote to build that pipeline
    My next Yes vote will be for the UCP party

  • Keith Organ - 7 months ago

    IIf the results of this poll reflect the percentage of Canadians who approve the trans mountain pipeline then our end will come sooner than later. Fortunately only 3.5 % of a country's population needs to be mobilized in order to change the government system. I shall cling to that hope.

  • Lawrence Tonita - 7 months ago

    This should have been done months ago. Now start building East as well.

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