Should Tesla offer free FSD as a referral award?

  • Alan Capes - 2 years ago

    A relatively low cost way for Tesla to motivate a passionate sales force, sounds like a great ROI
    Also grows a vocal community for FSD which will be a key differentiator going forward.

  • Todd Wright - 2 years ago

    I have a Model 3 without AutoPilot and FSD and would love to get these in return for referrals, but having FSD as a possibility to get for free later takes the incentive to purchase it away and takes good "margin money" out of play. If they can structure it in a way that ensures only a very small decrease at worst in purchases of FSD, I'd be on-board with this as a referral prize, but my intuition tells me if they do offer it as a prize more people with opt to go without and try to earn it through referrals.

  • John Babcock - 2 years ago

    Many of the Tesla owners with free supercharging also have AP1 cars that can never have FSD. I would still like to be able to collect referals in case I ever do purchase a car that is FSD capable.

  • Greg Ballantyne - 2 years ago

    The Tesla referral program is really for others. I already have FSD, and rarely Supercharge. I will buy another Tesla when the pick up truck comes out. I am an advocate for Tesla, and EVs in general, but do not require referral programs or other gimmicks to motivate me.

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