Should construction on the live-fire training range complex stop? (Poll Closed)

  • No
    120 votes

  • Yes
    739 votes


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  • Ciarra Crisostomo - 5 months ago

    Stop !!! This is our island.

  • Joe Hernandez - 5 months ago

    I believe its important to preserve Chamorro artifacts. Its historical value has no price. Halt the construction now..I believe more artifacts will be found which is part of the Chamorro people and its cultural history.

  • Alyssa Terlaje - 5 months ago

    take a trip up to urunao/ritidian and see how you feel about not having the chance to go there ever again because of restricted access. that land is not useless or unused. I know many people who love to fish there and it’s a great area for tourists/locals to hang out at. the military’s taken so much land, why take more for an unnecessary firing range?

  • Theresa Flores (Apu) Bejado Nellis - 5 months ago

    Please respect our people, our families, our culture, our land, it's resources and simply put, the soil that you have stepped foot on, our entire island of Guam!!! How would you like it if your land was taken or literally stolen from you or your family for such danger and destruction as this live firing range??? There is land elsewhere in the USA that should be used for such installation, please not on our beautiful little island of Guam!!!

  • GuamBomTom - 5 months ago

    Y'all(US/DOD/Unku Sam) got too much already. It's obvious they're trying to take all the coastal and prime lands. I didn't know AAFB, NCTMAS, South Fin., Andy South, Northwest Field, Radio Barrigada, Polaris Point, Naval Mag., and Naval Station ran out of space/land for a firing range. Why does the US need to have so many bases on a small island? Oh yeah, cuz we're a prime loaction for the Pacific. Better yet...Why does the US need to have a base in almost every country? Why can't these other countries have a base on US grounds? Imagine Iraq or Afghanistan having a base on US would you truly feel? Also remember, Japan doesn't want the Marines there for a reason, they realized it was a mistake. For country so advanced and way ahead of most, I think they know what they're doing. All I'm trying to say is "THEY HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH LAND ON THE OTHER INSTALLATIONS (ESPECIALLY THE ABANDONED ONES...ANDY SOUTH & SOUTH FIN)TO SPARE A STUPID FIRING RANGE!" If anything, why don't they just build their firing range on Farallon De Medinilla.

  • Tony agustin - 5 months ago

    Respect us and we will respect you! Stop the building!!!!

  • Maria Hernandez - 5 months ago

    More than 12,000 signatures on the petition against the firing range should be enough of an answer.

  • Jeremiah ichihara - 5 months ago

    I think they should stop it

  • Tori Graham - 5 months ago

    Haven’t Americans taken enough already?

  • Super Chamooro Chamorroman - 5 months ago

    I submit my undying loyalty to the great United States of America!
    Take my land, we do not need it anymore, its simply unused useless land !

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