Are you Team Steam?

  • Sarah Smith - 2 years ago

    Oh poor Hope. She not innocent. Maybe not in this situation but she's done plenty. And if you're going to stop looking at ENTERTAINMENT. Then stop no one forces you. Change the channel. You just want Hope with Liam now because she's hurt over the baby. What about when she was with Wyatt? It's not permanent unless it's not Liam's baby. So patience it will happen. Then you can complain about the next storyline.

  • CHERYL TUDAHL - 2 years ago

    The baby story is getting out of hand an Laim and Hope are more compatible then him an Steffy . Steffy needs someone more like her

  • Vilincia Patrick - 2 years ago

    I agree with Kimberly Alexander. Why do the writers insist on mating her with Liam? Liam and Hope are more compatible.

  • Joanne - 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who remembes that Hope ended Steffy and Liam's relationship by being the slut she is. She deserves what she is going through.You don't mess with people who are working on their relationship.Let Thomas have Hopy! They deserve each other!

  • Kimberly Alexander - 2 years ago

    If Steffy ends up with Liam I’m done with BB. I hate Steffy and Liam together. He was meant to be with Hope. If Steffy hadn’t manipulated this situation
    Hope and Liam would’ve been together long ago. Steffy needs someone new. Someone that matches her personality and style.

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