What is the main difference between the lower two tiers of the celestial kingdom and the terrestrial kingdom in the eternities?


  • Folkhard - 4 years ago

    The same answer as Eric. The temple ist clear about the progression from one kingdom to another.
    " I am not a strict constructionalist, believing that we seal our eternal progress by what we do here. It is my belief that God will save all of His children that he can: and while, if we live unrighteously here, we shall not go to the other side in the same status, so to speak, as those who lived righteously; nevertheless, the unrighteous will have their chance, and in the eons of the eternities that are to follow, they, too, may climb to the destinies to which they who are righteous and serve God, have climbed to those eternities that are to come.”
    -J. Reuben Clark, Church News, 23 April 1960, p. 3

  • Laura - 4 years ago

    There's not an option for my choice, which is something along the lines of, I'm not sure I believe that the CK is divided into three kingdoms. Sure, quote the old D&C warhorse at me, but I'm not convinced even that scripture means what it has traditionally been interpreted to mean. I think there's way more to a kingdom divided into three parts than our puny mortal minds can comprehend.

  • Eric Fernelius - 4 years ago

    Temple is pretty clear that you progress through the kingdoms

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