What should the government do with respect to migrants traveling to the US?

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  • John fogg - 4 months ago

    Send them to the UK. After Brexit we will need some domestic help.

  • Shirley - 4 months ago

    Thank you MEXICO for closing the border

  • gorino - 4 months ago

    I travel a lot and Mexico has it all....Cancun area is safest and has beautiful birds everywhere. blossoming red and yellow trees ..it is likea paradise..the drawbacks are there isnot an accurate yelllow pages so it isan adventure each day.

  • Dave - 4 months ago

    If Mexico's heart turns cold and they operate like the fascists in the United States then I can no longer support the new government. These people are legitimate refugees. If the US wants to avoid their responsibility then they should pay Mexico to support and educate them. None of this fascist BS.

  • George - 4 months ago

    As an expat, all I can suggest is that Mexico should just follow the law. If these folks can legally enter under Mexican law or under Mexica/International law regarding asylum seekers, who am I to tell them what they should do. If these people are entering Mexico illegally under Mexican law, seems that the law should be enforced in compliance with Mexico's processes and procedures. But it's their business

  • Arthur - 4 months ago

    The US is turning into a third world country. After I retire I am getting the hell out of this country.

  • Sally Evans - 4 months ago

    We have to stop them crossing into the states ir that malparido Trump will destroy us. Equally and l am si sorry to say it we must not let immigrants in in these terrible times. People must understand that life in the USA will be horrible for them and unfortunately they will make life horrible fir us if we let them in

    I hate to be a nationalist but we cannot save the world

  • Maria - 4 months ago

    Mexico please take care of your people Only after all is well with your people then you can take care of others Remember what airlines tell us Put on the life jacket on you first before you can help the next person

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