Was it bad that Tyler Perry was awarded at the BET Awards?

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  • Iman - 5 years ago

    I don't care either way, but I did like his speech. And y’all were absolutely right about all the doors he’s opened and why people feel some type of way about him. When his content was just for us, everyone was cool. I remember watching dvds of his plays with my cousins. It’s the same embarrassment that some black people get when they hear black folks with heavy southern accents in the mainstream media. And when folks bring stuff up like that to me I always ask them “Why does it bother you? It sounds like you need to look inside yourself and ask yourself some questions.” I remember I used to buy into the respectability thing. But after reading “Breaking The Chains of Psychological Slavery” and why black people buy into that and how we subconsciously hurt one another, I worked on not doing that shit. I was definitely hurt as a child, being teased about sounding white. But you have to do to the work to get past those hurts, or it will fester and turn you into an asshole.

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