Kim's behind is:

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Posted 11 years.


  • SaraJ - 11 years ago

    Kim is gorgeous. However, this is SO not a flattering angle for her... or outfit for that matter. There's a bagillion better pics they could have chosen. Her body is soooo smokin' and that angle/outfit does her and her tiny little waist & glorious big booty no justice. I would kill to have a body as hot as hers. lol.

  • j. - 11 years ago

    kim's ass is obnoxious. who in their right mind would find something like that attractive? i'm not a big paris hilton fan but one of her best lines has got to be about kim's ass being like a bunch of cottage cheese stuffed into a garbage bag!

  • BP - 11 years ago

    I think she's pretty but HIGHLY overrated. She has an okay body, the only reason she's so popular is because she has a big butt.

  • abi - 11 years ago

    hey hey, more cushion for the pushin guys. i bet the guys would love to get their hands on that booty! lol

  • sARA - 11 years ago

    She is absolutely gorgeous, but that booty is out of control! Mine is 1/2 that size and I have trouble finding jeans that fit. I don't know how she does it. I'll give her credit, though, she works it well!

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