Do you think the penalty should be increased for tossing a burning cigarette from a vehicle?

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  • Terry Chapelas - 6 months ago

    There should be a $2000 fine for throwing anything out out of a car, burning or otherwise. But how is this possible to inforce?

  • Mar Martínez de Saavedra Alvarez - 7 months ago

    Education does not seem to have worked. While I think we need to continue educating people, we need to 'help people grow up' and be accountable for their actions.
    Cigarette butt 'tossing' have already been identified as a true problem; not only it is illegal, it is a shameful act of desecration of the public space, a lack of respect that is completely unacceptable, especially in this day and age, when we (collective) know better.
    I think that raising the fines is a must. I also think that as with other violations (e.g. driving under the influence), a third strike needs to result in the consequence of losing driving privileges.
    However, none of that is enough.
    We would like (ultimately and ideally) that people grow a conscience (here is to hoping). Violation of this type must also include mandatory community service, some examples: a) helping firefighters, b) replanting trees, c) helping the people who lost their homes, d) meeting the people who lost a family member to the fire, or were badly burnt.
    ALL of the above.
    People need to see that what they choose to do have real painful consequences.
    A fine alone will not accomplish that.
    Accountability will (maybe).

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