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Posted 11 years.


  • Joey - 10 years ago

    See, if I couldn't see her ribs, I would have voted differently. The rest of her is really pretty and toned, but if her ribs are sticking out, she looks like she's starving.

  • sabrina - 11 years ago

    there is NO WAY she is too skinny. She looks just like me, im 5ft 5in and wieigh 109-115 and thatsa low but HEALTHY BMI. She probably does weigh about 100 or so pounds all those stupi cleb magazines are waaay off on their weight ueses everytime i read one of thos "scary skinny celebs' articles im baffled as to were they come up with the weights for these people. Some cleebs ae too skinny but she definatley is not

  • SaraJ - 11 years ago

    Anyone else thinking Skeletor's long lost daughter???? She's beyond definitely too thin. I am thinking food drive for the women of 90210... lol.

  • Anon - 11 years ago

    Some people are just clueless like Tasha above, talking about how 'some people' say it's "OK to be fat, but not skinny." First of all, no one anywhere on this site said anything remotely close to "It's ok to be fat." It's NOT ok to be fat, in fact it is very unhealthy, just as being 'too' skinny is unhealthy. People die of malnutrition on a daily basis, so, not eating enough and overeating are both NO NOs. You can see this girl's ribcage IN HER BACK, that's awful, not to mention hideous looking. Kim Kardashian or Scarlett Johannsen, now they have beautiful bodies, and you can't see ANY of their bones. This girl looks like she's just bones. YUCK.

  • j. - 11 years ago

    she's too skinny but i totally disagree with up to 141lbs being "ideal" for 5'3 way too high.

  • Ashay - 11 years ago

    She looks to thin and I suspect that were looking at some one who suffers from a eating disorder. Just an educated guess

  • Nicole - 11 years ago

    There is a difference between being healthy and skinny, Some girls are just naturally thin BUT you can count her ribs that usually screams unhealthy to me. It would not kill her to eat a cheeseburger or cover-up so we don't have to look at it!!

  • tasha - 11 years ago

    you know what, that's prejudice. it's ok to be a confident fatty but not a confident super skinny?! really thin people have it hard too! Some of us just can't add some pounds despite the amount of potatoe salad we could eat. I just think it's unfair to thing that overweight is ok but very skinny is not. Isn't health the most important thing?

  • Florina Fernandes - 11 years ago

    You can see her ribs, and that is so not a good thing. Young girls look up to stars like her and if she promotes that being able to show your ribs is a good thing, then what would a young girl think. Honey it is ok to have alittle meat on your bones we will all love you anyway.

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