Who Won the First Democratic Debate?

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  • Lab - 3 years ago

    Klobuchar on insurance/Medicare for all won me over due to the big pharmaceutical influence & taking time to get it right for everyone. Prior to I thought she was too OG DNC but last night she barely had any “time” but she impressed me. I absolutely LOVED Tim Ryan’s anger. We need some passion in the Dem party. I love Warren but she didn’t shine last night, although she answered the question about gun control very smartly.

  • Timothy Springston - 3 years ago

    Tulsi Gabbard clearly won the debate as the google trends show.

  • Elizabeth Warren - 3 years ago

    I, Elizabeth Warren, officially suspend my campaign for president. I endorse Tulsi Gabbard.

  • JorgeS - 3 years ago

    There were 2 outstanding debaters: Castro and Booker. The Hawaiian lady was pretty awful. She has an edge to her delivery that is very unappealing. God Willing, she, De Blasio and Beto will be gone before the next debate. Senator Klobuchar has lots to offer and should become more popular with time. Rep. Ryan also showed promise.

  • swete - 3 years ago

    Equal time for ALL candidates please. I felt all the candidates did a great job, some more than others. Beto was the clear loser last night. Ryan seemed as though he didn't do his homework. Delaney had to fight to get time, but then did not use it poignantly. Overall, it was a strong showing for America last night.

  • Ally Bedson - 3 years ago


  • Susan - 3 years ago

    i was actually impressed with all the candidates. I do feel as if that each candidate should have been given the same amount of talking time and was getting annoyed that they weren’t asking the same number of questions to all. Each person on the stage had the right to be there and should have had the right to be heard. The top 3 after listening to the debate were Booker, Castro, and Delaney. Gabbard had some great points for the times she actually was given the time to speak but she was my least favorite but again I thought they all did an amazing job

  • Chris - 3 years ago

    Very impressed of Tulsi Gabbard on several questions!

  • Roger Ando - 3 years ago

    I liked some things Warren *said*... but, if you want cool under fire and presidential without the cliches: Tulsi.

    And, bonus points to her for not pandering and suddenly speaking in Samoan.

  • Michael J - 3 years ago

    Warren is bat-s**t crazy. De blasio is a walking joke. So is Beto, as was quite apparent. Tulsi is sane. She clearly won.

  • Sara - 3 years ago

    I liked Tulsi, This hysteria about Climate Change & Carbon (Carbon Tax) We all live in the same Biosphere, If it takes let's say 100 tons of Carbon to Create Steel or Aluminum in China or india that Steel gets Dumped in USA in which America has the Cleanest Air Regulations in the World, That can be Prodused with 25-50% Less Carbon and Waist Water Runoff. China, India South America won't do Jack Shit to cut Carbon. I like Trumps approach

  • Robert Thorpe - 3 years ago

    To me, off all the candidates, Tulsi Gabbard presented herself as the most presidential, and her strong position on ending regime change wars AND using the military budget savings to finance a strong domestic agenda to support the concerns of the 99% is a stand alone brilliant idea.

    NBC's bias toward Elizabeth Warren was more than obvious, and like most the the MSM are determined to silence Tulsi (who refuses to play their game - when they asked her a question of little relevance to her platform, she answered by telling everyone her platform.)

  • Cardinal Fang - 3 years ago

    Tulsi - without a doubt. And she did it in spite of Comcast/NBC's effort to ghost her.

    Warren came off oddly rattled. I suspect she was trying to come off sounding like Bernie. Instead she sounded unhinged. Booker and Robert Francis sounded like the complete frauds they are. Inslee did all right. I think there were some other people... NBC was awful. Self-absorbed "moderators" who can't help but make themselves the center of the "debate."

  • Terrence - 3 years ago

    Tulsi Gabbard is wonderful! She OUTSHINES all the others!!!!!
    Ambassador of Peace & ALOHA (LOVE)

  • A Wyaat. Man - 3 years ago

    Tim Ryan is the only one who stood up for the Aryan race today. He fought against the coastal elite who are stealing our gold and pushing identity politics to divide us

  • Jeb Bush - 3 years ago

    Corey Booker was a mess. I should know. That Delaney guy seems pretty okay in my book, but hes no match for mommy. I also reaaly like the way Bill deBlasio used his black son as a pawn for politcal points. Very classy move.

  • Chuck Sokahk - 3 years ago

    Corey Booker clearly won. Everyone else flaunted their white privilege.

  • Susan Johnsen - 3 years ago

    The debates should be run by someone impartial and every candidate should get equal time. The DNC rigged it for their favorites.

  • Susan Johnsen - 3 years ago

    The debates should be run by someone impartial and every candidate should get equal time. The DNC rigged it for their favorites.

  • Don - 3 years ago

    Jay Inslee is right that the next president will be the last to have a chance to alter the global climate emergency and planet destruction path that the last two republican presidents (Bush Jr and Trump) have put us on. It is the only issue that should concern anyone who is currently alive. But even he does not want to say that we exceeded the planet's carrying capacity.

  • Judie - 3 years ago

    I thought that Booker and Warren were the Front Runners in tonight's Debate, but I'm looking forward to hearing Bernie tomorrow night!
    It's not just the content, it's also the Presentation, Conviction and Believability when watching and listening to each President Candidate.
    At this point in time, I believe that ANY Democratic would be 100,000 times better than our Evil, Sexist, Racist, Narcissistic, Dictator-wanna-be!

  • Papa Lazarou - 3 years ago

    Tulsi clearly won, being the only candidate who isn't a warmongering sociopath, but I have no doubt the DNC will steal the primary from her just as they stole it from Bernie last time around.

  • Clyde - 3 years ago

    Delaney and Klobuchar have the most realistic positions

  • Truth - 3 years ago

    Tulsi is the only candidate that brought up the ending of the Afghan war. Booker talking about how he's going to fail at trying to pry my guns from my hands, meanwhile Tulsi reminding people that our biggest issue is us being world bullies. She did great with the time she was given considering her only question was a smear attempt.

  • Yeah right - 3 years ago

    Tulsi? Yeah fricking right. Total lightweight.

    Booker did well. De Blasio elevated his stature — time to take him more seriously. Castro will probably win social media but I doubt he’s got staying power. Warren was okay but did not solidify her status as rising star.

  • Amy - 3 years ago

    Warren 2020!! All were a joke!

  • Your mom - 3 years ago

    I don’t want to die :(

  • Duke - 3 years ago


  • John - 3 years ago

    Wish the republicans and Drudge Report would stop manipulating polls to make it look like Tulsi won. It was clear Warren won!

  • Netanyahu - 3 years ago

    reply to this post or your mom will die in her sleep tonight

  • SL - 3 years ago

    KB. Your silly insecure attitude is why our party is loosing. You honestly think you and everyone in our party is smart and the republicans are stupid. Quit going with the flow and listen without your imature attitude and maybe we will have a chance this time. Let the grown ups in the party talk gor once.

  • America - 3 years ago


  • SL - 3 years ago

    Tim Ryans common sense

  • SL - 3 years ago

    Tim Ryans common sense

  • Tim - 3 years ago

    Beto O’Rourke was terrible. He sounded like he was on Valium.

  • Judy Brenton - 3 years ago

    Really Cory Booker seemed the most authentic, along with Tulsa but Elizabeth Warren looked like a deer in the head lights.

  • KB - 3 years ago

    Laugh Ryan off at your own peril. His comments will connect with "real" people in the flyover, tRumpanzee States. NY, CA, MA, don't matter this go around. Get Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida etc. and you squeak in like tRump did last time.

  • Kendall - 3 years ago

    At some point their podium should turn off their mic and stop them from continuing to interact. I don’t care if you can speak Spanish, answer some other question, or dismiss the whole point of your debate question. The whole point of this is to show you have comprehensive understanding and ability to communicate effectively on the point not deflect. In future those who cannot stay on topic and are all “squirrel” about it should be eliminated during the debate. This will enable other people who have learned the skill of public speaking to communicate and continue interacting instead of being ignored.

  • America - 3 years ago

    Trump won this debate.

  • Shirley Scott - 3 years ago


  • Shirley Scott - 3 years ago


  • Shirley Scott - 3 years ago


  • Gail - 3 years ago

    That was not a debate. Just ask question and got answer no time for others to participate on questions.
    Weird. I do not think each candidate got far share of time to talk.

  • Nathanael Finneran - 3 years ago

    Can John Delaney be done now? He needs to pick up his toys and go home. No one wants a president who consistently breaks the rules of the debate, constantly interrupts, and goes overtime every time he's permitted to speak. Tulsi Gabbard won the audience tonight. She made sense, didn't interrupt, stayed on time every time, and was polite but confident.

  • Louis - 3 years ago

    We all know these debates aren't fair. Some candidates get more of the spotlight than others. But if we ignore all of that and actually listen to what is being said, I think the American people resonate with Tulsi the most. I know many conservatives, liberals, and independents that would vote for her. She's eloquent, highly respectable, and DISCIPLINED. In a debate her calm and assertive demeanor will make Trump look like an absolute childish little fool when he opens his mouth in a debate against her.

  • Devin - 3 years ago

    Inslee and Ryan should drop immediately - they don't belong on the same stage.

    de Blasio/Gabbard
    ...other people...

  • Your mommy - 3 years ago

    Go to bed

  • GOD - 3 years ago

    imagine not wanting to nut inside Tulsi lmao. based mommy

  • Tetsuya Nomura - 3 years ago


  • Tetsuya Nomura - 3 years ago


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