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  • Michael A Massetti - 5 years ago

    Still can only choose one!!

    Um, how is it that Twist & Shout is not on the list? It would be my #1!!

    Twist & Should, I Saw Her Standing There, and Happy Just to Dance With You.

  • Leslie - 5 years ago

    It only allows 1 vote - will this ever get fixed so we can vote properly?

  • Mary - 5 years ago

    Also could only vote for one song. Please correct error and repost.

  • Patti - 5 years ago

    Please let us know when this is fixed to allow 3 votes instead of 1.

  • Vern S. - 5 years ago

    Allows me to only vote for one. Please fix this or the results will be innacurate!

  • Karen - 5 years ago

    I too could only pick one song! very disappointing

  • Karen Funk Blocher - 5 years ago

    If the poll were set up correctly, my three would be

    I Saw Her Standing there (voted)
    I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
    Rock and Roll Music (I swear John sings, "It's got a backbeat, you can't blues it" at one point)

  • Shanti - 5 years ago

    why no one fix the poll when people already complained about it 4 days ago? geez..

    REDO THE POLL! Can't vote 3 songs.. only 1.. :(

  • Leon - 5 years ago

    No Twist and Shout?

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    Same. I could only vote for one (Mr Kite). Please add Across he Universe and I Saw Her Standing There.

  • Amy - 5 years ago

    I could only get the poll to let me pick 1 song also. My other 2 song choices are: I' Happy Just to Dance With You & Across the Universe

  • Cheryl - 5 years ago

    This poll only allowed me to vote for one song so I couldn't vote for the other two. I would have added Birthday and Helter Skelter if I could have.

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