What do you use to send marketing emails?


  • Simon Wallace - 3 years ago

    We're are signing up for Patron Point - has anyone used it for card renewals? We're super excited but wanted to get some idea of what renewal rates, open rates etc others have seen.

  • David Pencek - 3 years ago

    We use Emma.

  • Cathy Martin - 3 years ago

    Patron Point has been fantastic for us. We use it for all our emails including welcoming new patrons, renewing library cards as well as targeted emails to specific segments of our cardholders. We are just rolling out using it for all our patron notifications such as Holds, Overdues, Courtesy etc as they look so much better than those from our ILS. Use to use Constant Contact but Patron Point is so much more connected to our various data sources.

  • Becky Kempf - 3 years ago

    We use Cerkl. I don't find it very intuitive or user friendly and I'm not getting the results I had hoped for. Before Cerkl, we used Constant Contact. I'd like to try Orange Boy.

  • Michelle Summers - 3 years ago

    We use Patron Point - it's not just an email tool, buta fully featured marketing automation platform that integrates with our ILS and all our third party systems.

  • Leigh Gaddy - 3 years ago

    We use LibraryAware, and I love the staff support, but I really wish the platform was more powerful in terms of CRM and automation (and that there were more design capabilities).

  • Mindy McCollough - 3 years ago

    Currently using select reads. It's tricky to use and a bit limiting. Used to use constant contact.

  • Nicole Fowles - 3 years ago

    We use PatronPoint and love them. Very intuitive and integrates with your Library's ILS!

  • Michelle Mears - 3 years ago

    We had MailChimp and moved to LibraryAware for more of their guided designs and social media posts. I wish we had more list management options, but it works.

  • Jill Fuller - 3 years ago

    We used Constant Contact but it had too many glitches. When it sent, the text would be all wonky and not look like it did on my dashboard. Very frustrating!

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