What is the #1 factor that would motivate you to take a new job? (Poll Closed)

  • More interesting co-workers
    5 votes

  • More interesting challenges
    71 votes

  • Advancement opportunity
    48 votes

  • Better work-life balance
    51 votes

  • The chance to move to a more desirable location
    15 votes

  • Better benefits
    10 votes

  • More money
    69 votes



  • jdluck - 6 months ago

    More interesting challenges and people go hand in hand with my #1 motivation, increased odds of successfully overcoming challenges in a collaborative, creative, fun culture.

  • Mario - 6 months ago

    I cannot answer this question. I am in my 60s, I have no need for advancement, I am comfortable financially, benefits are ok, not great but far from bad, I do not want to move as I already live in a desirable area, my coworkers and work experiences are interesting and diverse, and I have a good work-life balance. In other words, I am not only content where I am, but happy to stay. Wish more people were as satisfied as I am. There should be a null option - Content to stay put.

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