Did you enjoy Joe Biden getting read for filth by Kamala Harris?

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Poll posted 4 months ago.


  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 3 months ago

    Once V.P. Joe Biden decided to run for president, he lost his Uncle Joe protection. So, now he can get all the smoke. I loved seeing Sen. Kamala Harris go after him. I just love seeing strong, smart, women bring their A game and putting people in their places. (It's way I love watching Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clips.) Personally, I'm riding with Elizabeth Warren for now but make no mistake I'm voting for whomever gets the nod. I will straight up be the "NOT AGAIN TRUMP" campaigning nigga.

  • Sauvy P - 3 months ago

    Sen Harris was very impressive during the debate. However, I fear that as much as I feel she would be the only candidate capable of holding her own against Trump during a debate, I fear that she will face the same bs Hillary Clinton faced and ultimately will not win the election. I really don’t think this country is ready for a female president yet. I was browsing through the comments on a CNN Facebook post about the debate and, y’all, there was soo many people saying how Sen Harris lost their vote after that debate already. Really?! They were mostly white people saying this of course. White people are soo fragile that they see a strong woman of color clearly making a case to the American people and they are instantly turned off . And their reasons for saying they wouldn’t vote for her were ridiculous. But mostly they didn’t like how she went after Biden. Like you guys, I’m casting my vote on whoever wins the democratic primary. However, I would like to say don’t be surprised if Mayor Pete pulls the upset. I actually thought his performance was quite strong despite everyone trying to dunk on him during that one point in the debate . And on a stage filled with people shouting and fighting for air time and punchlines, Mayor Pete seemed to be the most composed out of the bunch. Unfortunately for him, he’s short and America rarely chooses men under 6 ft for president. Weird but true lol

  • Iman - 3 months ago

    Bbwwwhhaaaa I LIVED!! Every time someone got dragged! I’m picking no sides right now. There are way too many people. I loved when Biden got dragged, when everyone tried to dog pile on Butagieg (I know that’s not how you spell his name but I’m too lazy to look it up). And watching the Daily Shows commentary on all of it! Trevor Noah is killing it!

  • Korey Brown - 3 months ago

    I like Joe. I’ll vote for him if he wins the nomination. But, I GOT MY LIFE to Senator Harris’s draggin’ of him. And, I pray that she pulls a Debo “You want some of this too, Old Man?!” if Bernie Sanders even looks in her direction during the next debate.

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