How did you discover the OUTLANDER books? (Poll Closed)
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    • Eva - 1 year ago

      I had just finished my probationary year as a firefighter and, despite passing all my tests, I was a ball of nerves. We worked 24 hour shifts and I would be up sometimes all night organization storage rooms and studying because I couldn't seem to calm down. Always waiting for the next call and worrying over whether I would do a good job. My boss, the only other female at my workplace, told me I needed to destress and suggested I read a good book. She handed me "Outlander". I had been a reader but I'd never read anything like this before! So, instead of sorting nuts and bolts in the evenings I would hunker down in the women's locker room to read. It was the best possible therapy. I've read each book as soon as it was released. I also enjoy the television series very much. I enjoy the differences between the books and show. I'm now retired and reading just for the fun of it.

    • Danielle Backer - 1 year ago

      I discovered Outlander when I was in high school at the used bookstore I volunteered at. I was and am a voracious reader, and as long as I shelved all the books correctly, I could take home as many books as I could read. I did always return them. Outlander was the first one I actually bought, to keep at home. This was in 1992. ????

    • Wanda Bowring - 1 year ago

      The TV show was my first exposure. I enjoyed the show and had no idea about the books. The tv character of Jamie distracted me though because he turned me off, although I certainly thought visually he suited the roll. It was a number of things that did it for me, his characters lack of interesting script, his poor acting skills, and his obvious and poorly executed scripted tics (that seemed distractedly fake) that had me discussing these observations with a group of women one day, who also claimed to love Outlander. It was then that, 1) they all disagreed with me, and 2) recommended reading the books. I did and loved them. From the first book I understood why Jamie's character lacked interesting tv script. He didn't say much in the book; and the tics that Diana gave him were fine there, but translated by overplaying them on tv with exaggeration annoys me to this day (some three years later). A subtle head nod doesn't warrant bending your head up and down like a stringed puppet using a pointed bug-eyed stare. The only other thing I didn't like in the show was, to me, Claire and Jamie's obvious lack of physical chemistry (of which the same ladies disagreed again--which then lead me to believe they'd possibly never experienced mutual passion themselves). So "act" all you like, but something real has to be there, communicated, in order for the viewer to believe it. Wooden character Claire, when with Jamie in these scripted moments of undying love and commitment don't ring true for me. And, I wonder if she even likes him in real life--or him her. There you have it, the two things that bug me leaving me with the 98% that I love. :0) Thank you Diana I really mean it.

    • Karen Genda - 1 year ago

      I finally picked up Outlander at Borders Books in June of 2005. I had seen it many times but didn't feel like getting into such a big book - hahahah! That started what I call my "summer of Gabaldon!" I kept going back to the bookstore every 10-14 days to buy the next book in the series... finally finished The Fiery Cross at the beginning of September. I was very happy to find out that book 6, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, was going to be published at the end of the month. I now have read all 8 of the "big" books and am eagerly waiting for book 9, Bees. I also have all of them in hardcover (a few signed by Diana), in mass-market paperback, on my Kindle ~and~ on audio CD.

    • Marilyn Wilson - 1 year ago

      Was searching on kindle for a book to download for my holiday. Then realised that there were 8 books and a TV show. Got totally hooked

    • Lesley Ward - 1 year ago

      My sister In law was visiting from Australia and asked if I was watching the series but in the uk we always seem to get everything last so I hadn’t seen it. Before she went home she gave me the first book. I have read all the books now and impatiently waiting for the next one I’ve loved all of them I am also waiting for series 5. I binge watched the first three on amazon prime after I watched series 4 I went back to the beginning and watched them all start to finish again - several times ????

    • Sally Quilter - 1 year ago

      In 1992 I was looking for a good book to read and Outlander was on the “New Arrivals” table in our library. The cover looked interesting so I picked it up, read the inside jacket and knew this was going to be a great read! Fell in love with the story and as the last page was turned, hoped there would be a second book - and of course was delighted as the story has continued! Diana Gabaldon is a marvelous author!

    • Lyn Crawley - 1 year ago

      I didn't even watch Outlander the first time it ran on TV, I thought the show sounded silly, then the next year when the second season came on the station ran the first season, so with nothing better to do I tuned in WELL I'm hooked! my daughter and I went to a book store near us, I wanted to get the first book or maybe two,just inside the door they had all of the books there, and they were 2 for... cheap so I bought them all and have been adding to my collection ever since. I love the story wow.

    • Ann - 1 year ago

      I kept seeing the advertising for the show and then decided to read the book. When I found the book in the library I read the cover and I didn't think I would like to read the book. So I waited for the show.

    • Sally LaFave - 1 year ago

      I watched the series, seasons 1-4, and decided to read the books while waiting for season 5. I have been waiting for SOMEthing to peak my interest enough to get me reading again. This was the perfect choice!

    • Abby - 1 year ago

      I read a book called Daughter of Time by Sarah Woodbury. It was so good that I immediately started looking for similar books. I couldn't believe my luck finding this amazing book after another great read.

    • Cathy - 1 year ago

      Early 90’s...saw the “Scottish” cover, read the blurb, and saw 1745 and that the Fraser clan was involved. Since family lore said the Old Fox, Simon Fraser, was an ancestor, I bought it. (I also liked the fantasy element of time travel.) The book sat unread on my shelf for months, and when I finally started reading, I actually found the beginning a bit of a slog.
      Then Jamie appeared.
      The rest, to coin an appropriate phrase, is history.

    • ChuckieSue - 1 year ago

      My friend bought me the 1st book. I was hooked. I read them all with in two months time. And I love the show just as much. I think Ronald D. Moore does a fantastic job with it. Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are fantastic in their rolls. No one, could ever come close to the playing Claire and Jamie as those two do. They are the best!!!!!!

    • Sharon - 1 year ago

      binged the first two seasons of the show and found out there were books. I love continuing historical fiction....I read all 8...and was wow! Such a rich story of history, love and family.

    • Diane Kuhn - 1 year ago

      PBS Great American Read last year. Outlander was voted #2 out of 100. I had heard of the books and the show but this made me think-what am I missing? I was hooked from the beginning.

    • Felice Croul - 1 year ago

      Came across the tv show and got hooked. Binged seasons 1 & 2. Couldn’t wait for season 3, so read all of the books. I’ve since re-read them and some of the other related novellas and short stories. Can’t get enough!

    • Carol Mazzaferro - 1 year ago

      I was searching Amazon for something to read, Outlander popped up and after reading the synopsis I was intrigued. It also stated that it was being adapted for a TV series. Read it, loved it and now have read all the books multiple times and love the series.

    • Fawn Johns - 1 year ago

      I downloaded a "free book" trying to learn how to use my new Kindle keyboard in 2010. Well that "free book" turned into buying the whole series in Kindle, paperback, hardbound & auto book. (plus countless gifts) Not to mention Outlander book clubs, forums, the TV Series. Dina Gabaldon is the best writer ever!

    • Shirl Fusato - 1 year ago

      1991 - I was walking through Borders looking for a new time travel book (my favorite reads) and Outlander was displayed on a table as a featured novel. I read the back of the book jacket, thought it sounded promising so I picked it up and found that it fulfilled all my expectations and more.....


      I was reading another book series in 1999(?) when Jamie and Claire were mentioned. The introduction of them in the story seemed odd and contrived in some way and I was intrigued to find out why. At the same time, a heated debate was raging on that author's website about the inclusion of these 2 characters, so I went in search for them. Diana had issued a statement regarding having given her formal consent for the author to use those characters after being asked. She was pleasant and explained some aspects of copyright in such a sweet way that I was already hooked. It was a book shop employee who raved about the novels and I have included them and all the other offshoot stories/novellas in my life almost as part of my own family from the very first chapter.

    • Mary Rayner - 1 year ago

      Ordered it by accident from a mail order book club. Best mistake I ever made! It was right after Drums of Autumn had come out, years ago!

    • Jennifer - 1 year ago

      I saw the trailer and first episode, as a nurse was intrigued and interested in natural healing. Made an incidental comment to a firmer ( another nurse) and she told me about the book series. She is a long time fan. I have read all of them many times. Now listening to audio book versions. Period novels are a favorite of mine.

    • Catharine - 1 year ago

      In late 2013, while watching Showcase, a cable TV station in Canada, I watched a quick teaser ad. The voiceover announced that Outlander was “coming to Showcase” next summer. I didn’t know what Outlander was at the time but was intrigued to find out about a story that was popular enough for a cable station to be bragging about having the rights to a show more than half a year before the premiere. By March, after viewing the ad so many times, my curiosity got the best of me, and I picked up the first book. By the time it aired here in late August I was through the first 4 books. By the end of the year, I had read all eight. So glad I had the opportunity to binge-read the series. Looking forward to book 9.

    • Lori Wright - 1 year ago

      For years friends urged me to watch the TV series, but I don’t watch TV...little did I know, this series is like a movie every episode!! I binge watched all 4 seasons - I purchased the books and was gifted the audiobooks - now I read a book and rewatch the season it relates to with all the deleted scenes and pod casts!!! I love the books and the TV show adaptation- the pod casts explain why so much of the books were not able to be integrated into each episode...which helps me digest the episode more!

    • Fiona - 1 year ago

      I live round the corner from the outlander film studio and was intrigued about the jacobites and redcoats in our road so felt 5he need to read the first book and then I was hooked. Happy to say I’m still enjoying the occasional glimpse of extras, actors, props as I walk the dog.. thoroughly enjoyed reading all the books

    • Dagrun Fjellanger - 1 year ago

      I was browsing in my local bookstore and Cross Stich country my eye. I was curious and bought it, started reading and could not put it down. After that I could hardly wait for the next one. Completely hooked ,

    • Cathy strube - 1 year ago

      Through a book catalog called Manderlay in 1993. Was looking for a big thick book to take on vacation and the rest is history!!!

    • Denise O'Byrne - 1 year ago

      I only found the TV show last yr on Amazon prime. I fell in love with a fantastic love story.I read the first book while on holiday in April. Just about to start the 2nd, but have them all in my kindle. I relate to such a strong bond of 2 people. I met my husband when I was 13. He was 17, it was allowed back We had to fight to be together, weve had to fight to stay together. We met 41 yrs ago and have been married 34yrs.

    • Dora Diane Smith - 1 year ago

      I picked out a book with a pretty plaid cover. When I started reading it I realized I was in the middle of a series. Went back a got book #1. And the rest is history

    • Laura - 1 year ago

      Friends made comments which i interpreted as concerning a series similar to “The Highlander.” One day, last (Canadian) winter, whilst storm-stayed, i fell down the Netflix rabbit hole. Within a week, i had the library books, within a month, the audiobooks, within two, all read. Working on the “bulges” now.

    • Sue - 1 year ago

      Outlander was recommended to me by a friend back in 1994, but I did not start reading until after I heard Ron speak about turning it into a series at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention which occurred about the same time that Diana was doing a signing tour for Written In My Own Heart's blood. I purchased a copy & got it signed for my friend. Hearing Diana speak combined with hearing Ron speak convinced me I needed to check it out so I borrowed a copy from the library and have been a fan of the books & series rver since.

    • Liz McFarland - 1 year ago

      Random comment by a fellow but commuter led me to the first book in, hmm, probably late 1990s? And the rest is history. Literally :)

    • Joan Hunter - 1 year ago

      I read books 1-7 in 2008 after a friend recommended the series. Fans have been pushing for Diana to make a film or TV series about the books for years. It was well worth wait.

    • Janette-Ann Sullivan - 1 year ago

      Haven’t read for years ...I always said I was too busy! ...but am enthralled by these books and cannot wait to see season 5 of Outlander

    • Alice Rush Nilson - 1 year ago

      I was one of the lucky peeps to discover the amazing Diana Gabaldon after the release of the first book. Lol and then had to anxiously wait for every new book to be released. I’ve read the entire book series several times. I firmly believe these books kept me sane during my kids early years. I love them!

    • Pam Herrick - 1 year ago

      On Pinterest, I saw photos of fabulous Scottish costumes designed for something called Outlander. Costumes and sets are amazingly beautiful. Love the series and have read all of Diana’s books four times!

    • Lorraine Light - 1 year ago

      Found the show on Netflix (Canada), LOVED it so much, bought all the books and have read them three times!!

    • Sonja Nielsen - 1 year ago

      Stumbled across the show on Viaplay and bought the books immediatly

    • Amie Michael - 1 year ago

      I was at Half Priced Books 15 years ago when I stumbled across Outlander and loved it. I immediately wanted to read book 2. When I saw the first line I was so mad I put it down for years until I heard they were thinking of making the series. I started reading the series again, and I was hooked. I'm so glad I came back, since this has become my favorite book series.

    • Jenna - 1 year ago

      My high school literature teacher recommended them.

    • Wendy - 1 year ago

      I voted after watching Outlander which is true but it was a friend who suggested it when I ran out of episodes to watch and was left watching season 2 week to week like everyone else.

    • Marcia Adams - 1 year ago

      Free STARZ weekend August 2014, I saw the first episode, went to the library and all her books were checked out. I did find a Lord John Grey series book, Hellwaters story, liked her style and was waiting for books to be returned when I stumbled across a display in a bookstore. Bought first 6 books I think. Read 1-7 and by the time I finished the series a second time, the 8th was out. LOVE STARZ interpretation of her fabulous books and I am reading the series for the fourth time right now.

    • Marli Lopes de Assunção - 1 year ago

      Watching TV show, I saw that it was an adaptation of Diana's books. I've never imagined I could be so in love with books as I am!

    • Kim Verrall - 1 year ago

      Love these books

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