DJI should restart the production of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro

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  • Philip Moore - 6 months ago

    I see so many people say "its time to let the Phantom die" these are usually Mavic pilots and I don't understand why. The Phantom 4 Pro is the best all-around drone of all time. If it weren't for this drone I would of never have been able to make a living in the drone industry. I am glad this poll can show snobby Mavic 2 pilots that the Phantom series is still in high demand.

  • Morgan s Willie - 6 months ago

    The Phantom 4 Pro was the best thing to ever happen to our Engineering Department here at Ramaco Resources. The uses for the Phantom 4 Pro drone are unlimited in the above ground mining properties here at Ramaco. The drone is so simple to use and program pre-planned flight patterns to create topographic maps for all different sorts of uses. I have 3 Phantom 4 pro drones in my fleet and depend on them weekly to perform aerial photography for tracking stockpile inventories, grade control on impounments, remaining spoil balances in valley fills, and as built layouts of underground mine benches. These drones eliminate the hazards of ever having to put an employee in harms way around highwalls or walking on large stockpiles with underground draw off feeders. Please do not discontinue the Phantom series drones. These drones are a Vital part of my job and help me do my job safely and in a timely manner with little effort.

    Willie Morgan, P.E.
    Chief Engineer for Ramaco Resources

  • Muhwezi - 6 months ago

    Nice product

  • Muhwezi - 6 months ago


  • zander lane - 6 months ago the very least keep making the BATTERIES! I am reaching the end of like six batteries and can't get replacements that haven't been sitting on a shelf for a year or two and are completely dead out of the box! HELP!!!

  • Dwayne - 6 months ago

    We need phantom 5, all upgrades, tech speeds and camera quality. Com’on man!!!

  • William - 6 months ago

    Please we want to see p5 asap

  • Bob Grzembski - 6 months ago

    Absolutely, I own 3 it's an awesome machine. Then when shut down updates continued service parts etc.. ?? I have few dollars into said product owning multiple. It would Be ridiculous to have expensive paperweights.. And Personally I do not like the littler drone.

  • Mick Zeus - 6 months ago

    I sadly lost my p4 after a software update co incidentally I don't know, but I loved it and never created it prior to it going for an unscheduled swim. I replaced it with a mavic 2 zoom, but I don't like it, I have been saving and have what I thought would be enough fur a p5p, so please DJI don't turn your back on the thousands who believed in you and your products.
    I thought we was going to see a phantom 5 with inter changeable lens and better connectivity,, we sure need something between the hyper priced inspire and the toy like Mavic. Come on DJI if you turn your back on your customers, guess what, they'll turn their back on you and go to your competitors.

  • John P Lyons - 6 months ago

    The Phantom 4 series are vastly more practical for professional applications than the Mavic 2 Pro. The form factor is substantially better for hand launching, the camera delivers superior video quality, and the flight characteristics are better. There is probably room in the market for both, but if not it is troubling that the inferior line would be the one preserved. These aircraft cost the equivalent of a full frame DSLR. The rapid iteration of the DJI product line may stifle competition, but it does not encourage continued business from professionals. If I break my Nikon DSLR from 2003, Nikon will repair it for me, sell me batteries and so on. It is troubling that my equally expensive drones from DJI do not recoeve support.

  • Lauren - 6 months ago

    I'm at DJI-saturation-I've-had-enough. I own so many DJI products, and I use them pretty much every day as a professional. Unfortunately, with different batteries for everything, limited support via firmware and dropped products and promises (Osmo replacement or Osmo with Inspire 2 cameras/ handgrip) I can't wait to leave the DJI eco system at the earliest convenience. I was going to adopt an "Every other generation" when it came to the Phantom because of the investment I put in with the batteries/cases/whatnot for the P3P. Now with the cancellation of the Phantom line, I'm left high and dry. The Inspire line is too expensive and my little Mavic Air can't really fly in the wind and it's Wifi is only so good. The Mavic line is just not attractive compared to the P4Pv2. Again, DJI did what they do...and alienated a huge customer base. I needed the P5...and I was ready to spend the

  • Leroy - 6 months ago

    The Phantom is the standard for drones and will always be. DJI is trying to steer buyers toward their Mavic series, but to me it looks more like a toy than a drone I'd like to buy.

  • Fiona Lake - 6 months ago

    I've had Phantom 4, a Phantom 4 Pro & now a Phantom 4 Pro V2. My workhorse! I was hoping for a Phantom 5. I don't want a Mavic. Prefer easy/safe catch landing, being able to fly in atti mode, a sturdier build & flying straight out of the box (No folding fiddle around).

  • Jared - 6 months ago

    I love my Phan 4 it's such a solid build. It is my work horse and I would love the continued support for Phantom 4 Parts batteries firmware updates Ect. The Phantom line is the reason I bought into this company. You should not end the Phantom 4 because it was the backbone that got you noticed.

    Warm regards

  • Jeff Jackson - 6 months ago

    I am a professional drone pilot. Please continue the Phantom series! I have a P3 Pro and a P4 Pro, and I would like to upgrade to the P4 Pro v2 or P5 Pro at some point.

  • Ron - 6 months ago

    Yes please bring back the phantom series

  • Bruce - 6 months ago

    You have hundreds of thousands of Phantom 4 owners that are counting on you to continue supporting the P4P. Parts, batteries and firmware updates.

  • Michael Dieli - 6 months ago

    The P4pro is my go to work horse. It’s paid for itself several times and I would love to back it up with a new
    V.2. Especially since Drone Base is specifically requesting the use of this particular model to qualify for
    inspection missions in telecommunications and infrastructure inspection missions

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