Can you fall in love with two people at once?

  • Joseph - 2 years ago

    ???????????????????????? Ⅲℂ ~৲/◝⊸)))


    ???????????????????????? Ⅲℂ ~৲/◝⊸))) YES!, i think it is possible to love two people at once in BED, IF YOUR AN ANIMAL ABOUT IT AND REMOVE JEALIOUSY AND LOUESY ARGUING. and YOU BE THE ONE IN CHARGE OF THE TRUSTING SO TWO BTMS one TOP.

    ???????????????????????? Ⅲℂ ~৲/◝⊸))) Plus you ll need to learn what kind of animal you are and learn how to GROWL LIKE THY ANIMAL :)

    ???????????????????????? Ⅲℂ ~৲/◝⊸))) Animals usually use Less of their Brain Capaticy .


  • Nathan - 3 years ago

    I can see loving two sexually, but, Human Nature, will gravitate towards one and only. Duality is fantasy and simply a guise for sexual promiscuous; it is not reality.

    On a Gay Site, this bespeaks the mindset about sex not day-to-day reality...which really caps that we are our own worse enemy.

  • Bill - 3 years ago

    I have been in a relationship with more than one guy.... I was deeply in love with both of them. but the one thing they both had in common was they were both well hung and were fantastic lovers... One was the party type...we would go out partying and he would mix and mingle with every guy there but when the night was over it was me he would take home to his bed...and man on man he was so good in bed...I loved him more than life itself... then there was this other guy... he was tall and handsome the home body type...we would have a dinner date.. HE would pick me up at my place.. start out by kissing me.. on the way out....his big dick would get instant hard and he would whisper in my ear. can we skip dinner... I need to fuck you...we would end up in bed all night long.. I loved him dearly.. and I think they both loved me.. but I never told them about each other...

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