When we say, in the Articles of Faith, that we believe in the Bible, "as far as it is translated correctly," what exactly do we mean?

  • We're saying that the Book of Mormon is better than the Bible, so there!
    36 votes

  • We're saying that we should use the best available scholarship to find out what the earliest texts say and to understand their context so as to have as good a translation as possible
    156 votes

  • We're saying that we don't really care what the Bible says, because if we disagree with something in there, it probably was not translated correctly
    79 votes

  • We're saying that the Bible is functionally inerrant (aside from a few mistakes), since it has been translated correctly
    4 votes

  • We're saying that the only way to get a proper translation is through supernatural means, like the Book of Mormon, so the JST is the best translation
    14 votes

  • We're saying that stuff is bound to get lost in the great game of literary telephone even if the scribes had the best of intentions
    355 votes

  • We're saying that plain and precious things have been removed from the Bible by deliberate, nefarious choice
    249 votes


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  • Spencer - 4 months ago

    Are we supposed to say what we personally believe or what we think Joseph Smith meant or what we think most people in the church think? Also, this could be a multiple choice poll because so many answers aren’t mutually exclusive.

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