What do you think of our view on the census citizenship question?

  • John S Kraus - 1 year ago

    I'm a taxpayer and help fund the prison system just like you do. If you are against funding criminals, where do you propose to keep them?

  • Woodntyou Like2no - 1 year ago

    Nice try on the claim of no destinction on citizenship. You are very wrong. Thete are laws supporting that constitutional statement that disallows represenation of non-citizens, just like there are laws stating they ate not eligible for welfare. Gour TDS is getting the best of you. Tax payers (citizens) ate the majority, and we don't want to be paying for criminals to be supported.

  • John S Kraus - 1 year ago

    This presidency must be reigned in before the U.S. becomes a de facto fascist state by the whites for the whites.

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