Should ride hailing drivers be required to have commercial driving licences?

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  • Dnalec - 6 months ago

    Looks like a lot of Taxi drivers are posting. The Government needs to stop pandering to the strong BC taxi lobby and political party contributors. The Minister has said safety is at issue, I call BS on that statement based on how my son and daughters have been treated, assaulted and abused trying to get from Vancouver to the North Shore by cab drivers. I've used Uber Lyft and Grab in North America and other parts of the world and have never felt unsafe, a class 4 would not matter. I would really like to see the stats re class 4 vs. Class 5 safety comparisons. But alas there isn't any. Wait until the government appointed PTB starts to set boundaries for the ride-share industry, we will be back to where we are today. Crap service and drivers deadheading back to their home territory. Highly inefficient and a contributor to to pollution. To much Government as always with the NDP.

  • Larry - 6 months ago

    Class 4 licences are a must. These drivers need to be tested on the safety of the equipment they are operating. Do not leave it open for class 5 drivers. It would be a disaster when some of the class 5 drivers would hit the road. For once the New D Pinks got it right.

  • Dhanoa - 6 months ago

    Why all taxi drivers are required to take and pass taxi host course that cost $900 and 3days Uber driver will be doing same job they should be required to take same course

  • Phil - 6 months ago

    I don’t need any more cars on road there are already too much traffic on road.

  • Rob - 6 months ago

    False poll, can only imagine how many are waiting on a fare and voting. Possibly spoofing up addresses etc. Unfortunately a lot of the Class 4 drivers on the road already, are the worse than the drivers in Richmond.

  • James - 6 months ago

    Need commercial driver to drive me safe. They know how to drive. Lots of bad driver.

  • Dhanwinderjit singh Bal - 6 months ago

    They should have Commercial Driving Licence -Class -4
    Taxi host course
    Commercial vehicle inspection every -3 Months

  • Manraj Gill - 6 months ago

    They must have a class 4 license, Taxi Host Training from JIBC, commercial insurance like taxis, chauffeur permits from local police, commercial inspection every six months of vehicle etc.

  • Kay - 6 months ago

    Who is voting in this poll? Must be the taxi drivers. This isn't a valid poll. BC Government's politicians are a joke when it comes to addressing this issue. Everyone knows that the taxi industry has a strong lobbying power that forces politicians to their knees on this issue. Why? Taxi drivers currently have a monopoly on driving people around and making 60-80k per year. Why would they want to give that up? Oh, and for the genius who said that it adds more cars to the road--give your head a shake.

  • Tom - 6 months ago

    I have class 7 can I drive trucks to make extra money. Get me job please

  • Nij - 6 months ago

    We already have car2go evo modo etc in this city. Already to congested to go around city. . Bringing more cars on roads gonna make things worse. Just increase more bus service. I use cab once in a while, I'm okay with that.

  • athwal - 6 months ago

    If class 4 does not make driving safe . Allow class 7 driver to drive taxi ,truck and other commercial vehicle . In few days you see the difference .

  • K - 6 months ago

    So a taxi driver only requires a class 4, but an UBER driver needs a class 5?
    I’m confused.
    I’ve taken a lot of taxis in this city and feel unsafe.
    The UBER I have used throughout NA I feel safer.
    This requirement is a political compromise and has nothing to do with safety.

  • Garry - 6 months ago

    Need treat equal. Doctors need to study if the come from other countries. So be fair and professional

  • James - 6 months ago

    Definitely...., if they're collecting a fee for this service that would make them a "professional driver " they should have to be held to a higher standard than just a ordinary class 5.

  • Roger - 6 months ago

    Why not, if someone is going to drive me in his private car , driver must have class 4 licence,they are the one who are going to make extra money while going there other jobs.If there is no strict laws in place , every Humpty Dumpty going to think about themselves as professionals drivers I will also suggest that they should go under proper training in new Westminster.

  • Ian - 6 months ago

    This is just a way to protect the taxi lobby. A class 4 does nothing to make the experience better. They will still have to go through a criminal records check etc. Who says taxi drivers who already have a class 4 are any better than the class 5 drivers? They aren’t. Complete waste of time and the ONLY jurisdiction in North America that is requiring it. Asinine.

  • Ted - 6 months ago

    They are driving for hire (money) so should have the same requirements as a taxi ... Class 4 license. Full commercial insurance. In addition if required by a municipality they should have a permit to drive like a taxi driver does.

  • Charles - 6 months ago

    I voted no but there should be lower insurance costs for class4 license acting as an incentive

  • Charles - 6 months ago

    I voted no but there should be lower insurance costs for class4 license acting as an incentive

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