BMW 1er: F40 oder F20?

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  • Adrian von Borcke - 4 months ago

    Commercially the F40 will make much more sense for BMW: cheaper to produce, more space, more digitalised, more "modern". But it seems to have been developed with the same software kit as the Ford Focus, Mercedes A-Class, Audi A3, etc. So why buy a BMW? To me the F40 styling looks totally "over-designed" and totally lacking clean lines!
    The F20 started as an "ugly duckling" (thank you, Chris Bangle!), but it has been very much improved internally and externally over the years. It always has been a car with a very special appeal to the enthusiasts: rear wheel drive and - if money was no object - that gorgeous 3 litre 6 cylinder engine. It certainly never was a car for taking the family plus loads of luggage on a lengthy holiday. But it always has been good fun to drive. But time moves on......

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