How often do you have sex?

  • Nathan Zane - 2 years ago

    Dont trip:

    Spare me the attitude! Your response is no more valid than your reaction to mind. And, if you read my commentary prior to you opening your month, you would have read that I, too, do not feel sex is scheduled.

    Too many who are given the license to express there views do so with what hangs between their legs than what lies between their ears.

    Get me Point?

  • dont trip - 2 years ago

    Nathan you seem to think there is a rule about how sex is suppose to be.dont be so naive.its different for everyone.
    just because i love to top doesnt mean everyone likes it.and dont tell me if i can or cannot do it on a schedule.In my opinion, you have a boring sex life. if thats what makes you happy , then thats fine. get my point?

  • BKNUSA - 2 years ago

    Need a Many choice, a Day, Week, Month, Weekend. You are assuming its only once a period. Your survey is slanted.

  • BlkHoustonian - 2 years ago

    I'll spare you the details. Sex is fifty strokes. If you don't believe me, stop by, I got 30 minutes to blow.

  • Topdog46 - 2 years ago

    Sex can be and is a scheduled thing. It still can be hot and passionate. Sex daily does not mean it’s routine. Daily sex with a lover or a stranger on a regular basis brings the animal out in many men. Sometimes selfish and sometimes to please your partner and many times a mutual pleasing act. I have someone I see regular on a scheduled time and day and the closer it gets to that time the more excited I get. If it comes to a task, well better to have the task of a good fuck then waiting a month for the right moment.

  • Nathan Zane - 2 years ago

    This, again, is absurd! Sex is not on schedule! If it is, it is routine and therefore, reduced to a task! Sex should be mutually desired and that should be when it manifests itself...naturally.

    Sex isn't just physical; it is, also, emotional and both should be considered...equally and granted when both are in sync.

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