What Do You Think of Hasbro's Push for "Retro" Style G1 Pony?

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Poll posted 3 months ago.


  • Stormspark - 3 months ago

    Despise it. Anything other than G4 is nausea fuel for me. As far as merch, I don't even like Hasbro's G4 stuff. Only fan made stuff is any good. I also do not like the "leaked" art for G5 (I realize that it's old and may have changed by now). The odds of me continuing to watch anything after G4 ends are somewhere between slim and none. The best way to describe it is, I am not a fan of MLP. At all. Never have been. FIM only.

  • don - 3 months ago

    Fluttershy + Discord - two episodes confirm this

    Spike + Rarity - A crush ends when she returns affection

    Big Mac + Sugar Bell - up coming wedding

    the fleet sails as other ships are torpedoed

    Chrissy's best bug

    As for retropone? Okay...

  • Ali - 3 months ago

    I only focus on G1 nowadays because G4 is unfair, so I love the new G1 stuff. My favorite in FiM is Applejack and she's treated like shit by both the fandom and the writers. Haven't seen FiM since season 5 (except The Perfect Pear). Tell me, has FiM actually gotten fair for Applejack and her fans yet? I still see she's treated like shit in the fandom so I suppose it hasn't.

  • SugarLoop - 3 months ago

    I said I don't care either way, but I guess I should have said other. I like them, but I'd prefer to have G4 characters turned retro more than random retro ponies like Butterscotch. I just like buying the characters I know.

  • SazerLite - 3 months ago

    Yes plz!

  • Yes - 3 months ago

    Why do most of these always end up with "don't care more pony" alternatives winning? XD

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