Are Small Cars the Safe Way To Go?

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Posted 10 years.


  • Green Geek - 10 years ago

    Gem e6, its all electric and people stop and stair instead of racing around. I feel safe in it enough to take my kids everywhere in it. I have seen people miss there turn at the green light stairing at my car. Also it is only legal on streets under 35 so its already is safer by that alone.

  • Audie - 10 years ago

    I drive a ford windstar minivan. It doesn't get HORRIBLE gas mileage, but not great either. It gets an average of 27mpg. I didn't have much choice, I have 3 small children in car seats and when it came time to upgrade, they hadn't yet come out with any of the gas-saving SUV's or anything that they have now. So, I take care of my van and make sure the emissions are clean as can be while I save up for my dream SUV.

  • Meg - 10 years ago

    After seatbelt use became mandatory, the number of collisions increased exponentially. Cuz people figured that since they were protected from flying through windshields they could now drive at dangerous speeds. Not to mention the "I can drive AND curl my hair/ shave my moustache/ talk on the phone/ drink coffee" mentality.

    It's not the size, it's the speed. And the focus. I'd prefer if we all drove super fragile eggshell-mobiles.

  • chuck - 10 years ago

    Chevy Suburban is the best vehicle ever made. It's a 4x4 limousine. I turns sharper than a minivan and gets better mpg per passenger than most small cars. And there's no comparison for comfort! This is the vehicle that GM should be concentrating on, not the Volt.

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