Was Jermaine Dupri planning this the whole time?

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  • Keyote - 7 months ago

    Not to diss the question, but I think it’s irrelevant whether or not Dupri pointed the comments to spark controversy. What he does with this attention to support more variety in hip hop artists specifically women is what I would like to see. PS I wonder if he has as much a problem with the proliferation of predominantly male gangsters and thugs that clutter the airwaves...hmmm

  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 7 months ago

    Per the poll, Da Brat's comments on what JD kinda solidified (for *me*) that he said what he said a marketing ploy to become re-relevant and take advantage of the surge of women in hip-hop. She called him "strategic" and "a genius". He got people talking & I guess that was his goal, but I don't know if being laughed at was.

  • Alicia - 7 months ago

    with his ET head ass.

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