Do you think we should eliminate the word "psychosocial" from the genetic counseling lexicon?

  • Someone should take away Bob Resta's access to posting blogs on this site.
    4 votes

  • No, it is a perfectly useful term and we should continue to use it.
    70 votes

  • Yes, it will only serve to better the profession.
    179 votes


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  • Barb Biesecker - 6 months ago

    Words to succinctly describe the work we do that is other than teaching: Psychological counseling, psychotherapeutic care (see Austin et al),

  • Brittany Gancarz - 6 months ago

    Totally agree with Kathryn’s comment! How to capture what we do that can’t be replaced by a chat bot. And I would say that expressing it succinctly (a word or three, not a paragraph) is necessary, especially when it comes to advocating to non-genetics professionals. I feel like we need new terminology before I feel ready to part with the old.

  • Kathryn S Kim - 6 months ago

    I too vote for more Bob. But I would also ask if there is a better term to describe all those "non-educational" functions that we provide without going into a paragraph long explanation.

  • Janice Berliner - 6 months ago

    please don't ever stop posting- love your posts and congrats on your books!!

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