Will ending corruption be easy, as President López Obrador predicts?

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  • Tim Myers - 5 months ago

    Corruption hopefully can be challenged from above ie., AMLO and also within each of ourselves. Each of us possesses the opportunity to practice honesty, truthfulness, respect and sincerity.

  • gerry valencia - 6 months ago

    id like for the person {UK} to explain the facts for which he affirms that AMLO will be the most corrupt president . There has not been one single fact of corruption found throughout his political career . This person"s comment is totally baseless . Yes , unfortunately corruption is part of our Mexican Culture and it will take generations to disappear but President AMLO in seven months has done lots more than all the past regimes did not do in the last seventy years. Today more than ever I feel proud and hopeful to have a real democracy thanks to AMLO

  • DHH - 6 months ago

    What makes corruption so difficult here is it is so pervasive. It starts at the very bottom and goes right to the top. Every function of government is being robbed blind, from simply maintaining and building roads and other infrastructure right through the costly energy as a result of CFE and Pemex corruption and so on. The government is a nest of petty and big time thieves that resembles the criminal establishment in many ways. Short of mass executions of the thieves I just don't envision how this could ever be stopped, it is so ingrained.

  • Doug H - 6 months ago

    Corruption exists everywhere, it's just a matter of degree. In the US it's been rebranded as lobbying but it's still influence peddling.
    The north-east US used to be run by organised crime but that was shut down by the IRS. The cartels of Columbia were uncovered by financial audits. Even the Mafia in Sicily and the oligarchs in India and China are being exposed by following the money.
    If this administration and the global financial community continue to provide greater financial transparency and follow through with criminal charges and convictions, the corrupt Governors and executives can be brought to justice.
    Fighting corruption is easy. Ending it, not so much.

  • Maria - 6 months ago

    It’s been rooted for 500 ears it’s not going away. soon

  • Craig - 6 months ago

    Corruption will last only as long as those that can change it allow. I see two reasons why corruption is allowed to continue The inherent fear of something that you believe in will be tarnished or brought into a bad light if those that can change it actually try to. The other reason is because those that can change it are part of the corruption itself. I think most that are part of it see that it has always been done this way and if everyone else is doing it it must be ok. Can definitely be a dad state. I hope that he can change it because I believe that it would be a start to improving the lives and livelihood of Mexico. Amlo has, what, 5 years left in his term? Whatever he puts in play I hope can be built upon by whoever his successor is. I don't get to vote and he's not my president but I will pray that he does what is righteous.

  • Sally - 6 months ago

    That’s why l voted for El Bronco. Unfortunately it would never happen but if every thriving political czar had his right hand cut off and MEXICO looked liked a leper colony maybe people would pay attention. Perhaps we need a Franco for a year or two

  • UK - 6 months ago

    Are you kidding?? Corruption is a way of life here in fact as I have said many times AMLO will be the most corrupt President Mexico ever had at least in the modern era!! People here are always saying well we're in Mexico!! No corruption will never change, because most people in Mexico have less than a high school education and they accept whatever SLOPS are thrown their way and accept whatever happens.. Nothing will change Spain is corrupt and has been for centuries and most, if not all of their former colonies copying Spain are even worse, so Good Luck you¡ll need !!!!!

  • Ron Stephens - 6 months ago

    In my city of San Miguel de Allende, the local Mexican citizens don't trust the police, to the point that they don't call them for any reason. It's hard for an American to understand, but the corruption is SO prevelent.

  • JPM - 6 months ago

    Until Mexico cleans house, politically, from the top down, corruption and insecurity will continue to run uncontrolled and rampant. Mexico must adopt a zero tolerance attitude, toward corruption and lawlessness, and enforcement of their existing laws, if they ever expect to move forward in advancing, economically, and bettering the living conditions, and safety of their citizens.

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