Have you ever been choked or choked someone during sex without asking or being told to?
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  • Anonymous - 1 year ago

    This happened years ago and thankfully it never happened again. We were kissing and dude just started choking me out of nowhere. It was scary because we never talked about it before or if choking was even something either of us liked. I could tell he was doing it in a sexual way and not just trying to be outright violent but it was still scary for me since that isn’t something I would’ve consented to in the first place and I didn’t know when it was gonna stop. I didn’t see him again after that. Nowadays I’m vocal and upfront about what I do and don’t like before anything happens to prevent any confusion.

    Interesting tidbit: At least a month after I stopped talking to the guy, I got a call from a private detective hired by his wife that I didn’t know about. He told me he was a single father raising his daughter alone while the mom left and moved to another country. (He’s from Lebanon) I also wasn’t the only one he cheated with according to the detective. Apparently dude was committed to being trash in every area of his life.

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