Which Friendship is Magic Special was the Best?

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  • Rhythmic - 3 months ago

    The movie shouldn't count as a special, it's a film. Rainbow Roadtrip had a lot of animation errors and was flawed in pacing, character development and premise. It gave me G3 vibes which is disappointing. So Best Gift Ever is the only real contender and as such the automatic winner. What kind of a poll is this lmao.

  • Lawrence - 3 months ago

    the movie isn't a special lmao

  • Imaginer - 3 months ago

    My personal ranking: Movie>Roadtrip>Best Gift

  • Joshua Moudy - 3 months ago

    No love for Rainbow Roadtrip? I thought it was great.

    But I gotta give my vote to the movie, since it's got the most action.

  • Matthew Townsend-Farr - 3 months ago

    I always a good adventure, travelling beyond certain borders on a Tolkien-like quest, so the movie gets my vote.

  • Anonymous - 3 months ago

    Best Gift Ever>Rainbow Roadtrip>Movie

    Best Gift Ever is the best one of the three in terms of story, comedy and character portrayal. A true homage of everything that made the show great.

    Rainbow Roadtrip had a nice story and several really good new characters, and good animation, althought the pacing was a bit slow at the beginning.

    Despite being the most expensive of the three in terms of production, the Movie was the weakest of the three. Despite being setted between the S7 and S8, too much continuity is ignored in it, not mentioning Twilight never teleporting. It had the best songs of the three thought, I will concede that.

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