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Posted 11 years.


  • SanDee - 10 years ago

    She is the best looking of anyone in the public eye today... especially with her hair cut short and tousled like this. Most women can't wear such a short haircut and look good....but she certainly can. (A sign of true beauty...look at Halle Berry too). Love it!

  • ti - 10 years ago

    She has the body (and haircut) of your average 12 year old boy. There is nothing sexy about a aging skeleton frame. I do not understand why people are so fascinated by her, walk down the main street of any college campus or city and you will realize she is NOTHING special.

  • Anon - 11 years ago

    I bet I can put my thumb and index finger around her throat and touch them together... she is so emaciated. I bet she weighs no more than a mannequin of equal size would weigh... about 50 lbs. Sooo Gross.

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