Should Massachusetts restore the requirement of time-and-a-half pay for retail workers on Sundays and holidays?

  • Mickey Brock - 11 months ago

    If you work in retail, or any service - the vast majority of jobs in MA and the entire US of A - you know how backwards an offer 15/hr is, especially by the time it goes into effect, and you would also know what a difference that Sunday paycheck makes to families' survival. I don't know how we ended up with leaders who can do something like this to their hardworking constituents and not be utterly embarrassed to claim to represent them.

  • Sharon Sorcenelli - 11 months ago

    As the minimum wage increases, so will the wages of all of the other employees of my company. You can't expect an employee who has worked for you for several years, to be making the same as a new employee. Therefore, most of my full time staff will be making in excess of $20.00 per hour by the time the minimum wage reaches $15.00. To eliminate the necessity to pay time and one half is a small concession for a significantly larger paycheck on a weekly basis.

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