How do you feel about Los Gatos' downtown road diet?

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  • AZ - 5 months ago

    We moved to Los Gatos in 1990 and I fell in love with its quaint down town. We frequently shopped and dinned in down town. We entertained our out of town visitors in down town.
    But we feel the new down town resembles a parking lot and the charm is gone.
    I guess we have to find another town in which to spend our money!

  • Ashok - 5 months ago

    I've been a resident of the town for over 30 years and have been enjoying this charming downtown. The new design has essentially converted a beautiful quaint downtown into a parking lot. It looks like a construction zone. Did anyone even look at how this would look before taking this unthoughtful step? Was there any design criteria? Or just add more parking spaces was the motto. It's a disaster.

  • FD - 7 months ago

    The idea is great but planning was terrible. Very little to no pedestrian space was added, the angled parking spots really slow down the traffic when backing out. The parkette areas are quite ugly. All it's done right now is to bring traffic to a halt with very little value added.
    There is plenty of parking around the street so what should've been done instead is close an entire lane with 1/2 of the space added on each side with no parking allowed along that stretch. Put a nice barrier instead of the ugly/tacky barrier and furniture. Allow the Cafe's and restaurants put up the furniture and patio in that space. Then it would start to attract foot traffic and business.

  • TheRealTruth - 7 months ago

    I foresee a recall movement coming to the town council. The number one issue in our town is the weekend beach traffic and they seem to ignore this, instead focusing on pet projects. Next summer we could possibly see many of the businesses downtown close because of this traffic problem. As it is, places are closing their doors during the daytime on the weekend due to no customers. I really don’t mind the one way street or diagonal parking, but unless they fix the weekend traffic problem in the summer, we are going to lose the charm that was once the town of Los Gatos.

  • Ross - 7 months ago

    I like it. The seating areas are great, but if it stays, the style is pretty cheap and needs to be redesigned.

  • Dj - 7 months ago

    Soooooooo tacky..for a beautiful town..????

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