What do you think about Audi's approach of using Tesla Supercharger stations for marketing?

  • Chris - 1 year ago

    This Advertising just show one reality: Tesla‘s Business is running good without advertsing; Audi has to search their clients at the other brands. They are not even alle to improve their own clients to the advance of their electric products

  • A fan of Larry's comment - 1 year ago

    Larry makes several good points. I would just add that Tesla is accelerating away as they increase their lead in all aspects of the Electric Vehicle market. They develop, produce, improve, and control the Batteries, Motors, Charging infrastructure, and even the Self Driving technologies which distinguish their cars. Some ICE manufacturers have put a very tentative toe in the EV water for publicity, but will never risk enough capital to effectively challenge Tesla. I can't wait to see the sales figures on E-Trons!

  • Laszlo - 1 year ago

    VW Group is the leading car producer in the world and they don’t have their own supercharger station network ready yet.
    It’s a shame.
    I hope Elon with Tesla and the Chinese Guys will revolutionize the car industry as Google, EBay, Amazon and many others did with the media industry in the last 25 years.
    Save the trees, use less oil and gas!

  • Tom - 1 year ago

    I would have no problem Audi doing this if they had chosen to invest in the supercharger network. However they are giving the impression there is some partnership with Tesla and their cars can use the supercharger which is plain false advertising and like with Jaguar will lead to people returning their cars when they find out they were sold a lie, and then buying a Tesla.
    So in one way it's great Audi are advertising the benefits of owning a Tesla!!!

  • Lewis - 1 year ago

    I believe that are desperate, very unwise and really really dumb.....How can such big brand need to do this? They are shooting their feet.

  • David - 1 year ago

    +1 to Larry’s comment. Where is Audi’s charging network? Oh wait. They don’t have one. ????????‍♂️

  • SKF - 1 year ago

    Unless the Audi is as good or better than Teslas, this is a stupid idea.

  • Larry - 1 year ago

    Marketing is to increase awareness of your product, which will hopefully increase sales. Any Tesla owner already knows about eTron and probably already knows about any other EV. This approach to target Tesla Supercharging locations just demonstrates the ICE mentality that many feel the German Automobile Industry is stuck in and is moving at a snail pace in developing true EV solutions. Further, any eTron blocking a Tesla Supercharger is not going to go over well with any Tesla owner. If Audi wants to be taken seriously in the EV market, they should spend their marketing funds on educating ICE vehicle owners on the EV alternative. If any ICE vehicle manufacturer wants to capture Tesla owner’s attention, make an EV that exceeds Tesla range and efficiency or partner with Tesla go gain access to Tesla Supercharging network for your customers.

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