For those who've had an in-person visit for a minor condition within a year, what's the #1 reason you didn't use telehealth instead? (Poll Closed)
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  • Rebecca - 1 year ago

    I think there are far more visit types that should be in person vs through telehealth. I don't have any peripheral devices at home to allow the provider to look in my ears, throat, or take my vitals. There are definitely use cases for telehealth but I'm not confident that most sick visits are.

  • John - 1 year ago

    The Mass General family practice I see doesn't do virtual visits - I haven't been able to find out why from administrators. I like my doc because he's the best I've met clinically (my #1 criteria), but he has made it clear he doesn't talk about policies/ procedures. Getting to him involves traffic and expensive parking. On my last visit, I was in so much pain it was traumatic getting in & out of my car, but had to make the trip. Kudos to Partners for sharing records with Lahey... my doc had my ER record from a few days earlier and readily gave me a few more days of pain medication, but this could have been easily done from the safety of my bed.

  • Jeeter - 1 year ago

    Your healthcare org not offering virtual visits already has a poll choice -- you either want to stick with your provider or you will have to pay more if you don't. Other than that, you can get a virtual visit anytime you want from one of the for-profit companies so "not offered" is covered by the other answers.

  • Tom Durkin - 1 year ago

    My leg wound required a hands on repair, a difficult option with current remote technology. Perhaps Dr. McCoy will step up the game.

  • CTP - 1 year ago

    After a prior (poor) telehealth experience, had to end up going to MD office anyway so 2 copays and no continuity of care.

  • Nancy D - 1 year ago

    It has more to do with my doctor/NP knowing me and my concerns about health than any of the answers you formulated above. Knowing the many questions on medical history will be asked, I just want to do have to "keep repeating myself".

  • HIT girl - 1 year ago

    Some portion of medicine and the healing process is the 'laying on of hands'. Its ritual, sure, but it works. There is something comforting and reassuring (assuming you have a halfway decent doctor) about having a personal conversation and a human being making an assessment based on what they see, hear, and feel.

  • Lyle Berkowitz - 1 year ago

    Another answer could have been "I actually did to a Telehealth visit"!

  • Layni - 1 year ago

    My reason: no virtual visit available. It’s regular clinic appointment or urgent care only.

  • PD - 1 year ago

    Suggested additional option - my healthcare org of choice doesn't offer telehealth.

  • David Powell - 1 year ago

    Would have loved to have done telehealth and would have been the best choice but not available because of reimbursement issues

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